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Just as I was getting ready to blog about today's events, my buyer sent me a text.  10:15pm and she's sending her Realtor texts.  This is a good kind of text though.  And this is my favorite part of real estate, when the relationship can morph from professional to personal (although, that morphi...
Tomorrow is a big day.  Abe from ActiveRain is calling tomorrow morning around 10-10:30 to sign me up for the Rainmaker account.  I'm looking forward to upgrading and working towards a slick looking blog like so many of the AR participants. I've been reading blogs like crazy and the realization t...
Wouldn't you agree we are all the sum of our parts? After walking the dogs in the rain this morning, I started thinking about a couple of the comments to my previous blog about my grandmother.  Which led to thinking that with the obvious consideration that goes into some people's comments, they a...
Why this photo with a title about pen pals? Simple. This is a picture of my grandmother, Frances Tierney in 1934 in Detroit. She used to recognize and comment on anything she knew I had put effort into. My three brothers and I knew we'd done something right when Grandma mentioned it. When I opene...
The time is midnight:37, it is absolutely pouring outside, I showed houses until 730pm and have played off and on ActiveRain for an hour or so. I've just gone past 10,000 points and it seems to have happened pretty quickly.  This has been a great learning experience, but it is pretty clear that t...
I've been bopping around on ActiveRain for about a month now and having a great time while I get familiar with the site.  The exchange of information and advice is incredible.  I've read blogs of personal tragedies and been brought to tears by the subsequent posts of support.  There have been ma...
Sure am glad that digital cameras don't require film.  Super Moon night was very cloudy in the Great Smoky Mountain area of Western North Carolina.  I probably shot two dozen pictures and this was the best one.  The clouds were rapid movers and I was only able to see this little bit around 9pm. ...
  Good Morning! Sunday seems like a good day to write this blog.  I imagine there are lots of real estate folks sleeping a little longer than usual today, unless you have a dog family alarm clock.  Extra sleep is just something we've heard rumors of. LinkedIn recently ran a poll asking readers t...
Sure, it looks like a big rock. Nothing special? Completely special! This huge rock sits not far from Western Carolina University.  The special thing is that it is covered with hieroglyphics from the Cherokee people thousands of years ago.  It sits outside of a beautiful pasture and is protected ...
This topic is controversial in our area.  Maybe listing agents are insecure about letting the Buyer's Agents have access to their clients, I don't know. How many times have you suspected that a Listing Agent presented your offer in a very judgemental manner?  Perhaps if your buyer has requested a...

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What job could possibly be better than bringing people together by sharing our common interests and learning new ones? Here's my opportunity to introduce conversations and photos of the area I feel so passionate about...the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina. This is one way to give you some background about me and our MoonDancer Realty company to help you make an informed decision about hiring us as your next REALTOR. I hope you enjoy the content as much I enjoy sharing it. I'm looking forward to reading your comments and hope to meet you soon.