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  The general public doesn’t know different designated MLS areas can exist within mere feet of their property. Shouldn’t they be able to trust the licensed individual pitching them for their listing to tell them whether or not their property will be marketed to the local agents most likely to sel...
  Finally, I took the time to explore the photo website I’ve been using to edit photos and discovered the slide show application. This may be the answer to the challenge of what to do with so many autumn photographs…if it works!   Most of these photos were either taken at home or on the Blue Ridg...
  My mother and brother visited recently, the first time since Dad passed away June 9th. As always, she came bearing gifts. Boxes and bags of books, pierogis from a special place in St. Petersburg, cheeses, wines, some of Dad’s flannel shirts, cameras, binoculars and his favorite - Twinings Laps...
Since I’ve already done a “wordy” article for this Wednesday with the photos looking up into the trees, I’d like to offer up a different article without as much conversation. It is sufficient to say the weather was stunning and the air felt great. The colors and textures of Autumn are descriptiv...
  If you are expecting a political diatribe or an in depth analysis of our current economic condition, there are any number of insightful posts available to study. I do have the same hopes, concerns and fears about the future that others do. Sometimes though, a title can be taken literally…as is ...
One of the most interesting parts about being in real estate is the opportunity to meet colorful characters and there is no doubt that one of the MOST colorful characters has been Frisco. However, no matter how charming and talented the folks are that you are getting ready to work with in real e...
Have you ever gone looking for certain photos on your camera card only to discover there more than 400 photos residing on that card? Time to clean up that camera card! It's silly to keep these images to oneself, especially if you meant to share them anyway.  It might be the nature of our professi...
  Hearing the furnace kick on for the first time in the year is a bittersweet occurrence!   I know that the house temperature has to drop to 56 degrees before that happens. For the house to drop to 56 degrees, I know it has to be pretty darned chilly outside. I looked outside and there it was…the...
Mimi Foster made a beautiful comment in response to one of my autumn photographs. To paraphrase, she said if she could live anywhere she would live in autumn. Her statement reminds me of one of the reasons I live in Western North Carolina - to experience and embrace the wonders of all four seaso...
At least once a day I'm reminded of how lucky I am to live and work in a place that people dream of coming to. Having the Blue Ridge Parkway in my backyard is a treasure I never take for granted. Every changing season offers breathtaking views, but autumn always seems particularly dramatic.

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What job could possibly be better than bringing people together by sharing our common interests and learning new ones? Here's my opportunity to introduce conversations and photos of the area I feel so passionate about...the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina. This is one way to give you some background about me and our MoonDancer Realty company to help you make an informed decision about hiring us as your next REALTOR. I hope you enjoy the content as much I enjoy sharing it. I'm looking forward to reading your comments and hope to meet you soon.