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This is not that unusual of a sight in our area when driving some of the more rural roads, these very old houses seemingly abandoned but kept in a preserved kind of way.  I'm glad whoever owns them hasn't torn them down.  It makes it nice to have these odd little glimpses into days gone by and re...
  There is nothing more pathetic than watching someone try to create a snow angel without snow.  It's just sad.  This stick dude appeared on the driveway, I guess maybe remembering the quantity of snow we had a couple of years ago.  Back then he was able to make a magnificent snow angel and I thi...
  WebsiteBox is taking a unique approach to find out what agents would love to see in their asking them!  They've been very clever to sponsor the "I Wish My Website Did This" contest in one of the largest online real estate communities available.  They have asked for 3 ideas beside...
  There is no need to wonder “Who is a good Realtor to work with in Carson, California?". People living in or moving to the South Bay area of Los Angeles County in California are very fortunate to have an excellent choice of a Realtor to work with and that would be Lanise Warrior with Dream Catch...
There are lots of events that cause songs to be stuck in my head.  It's probably because advertisers want to catch the attention of a certain ahem generation that they've been using a lot of songs from the 60s and 70s as background to whatever they are promoting.  That doesn't bother me so much b...
It's funny how things work out.  We first met David Kelley years ago when Leslie and I owned an outdoor store called Venture Out.  We specialized in quality camping and backpacking equipment and clothing.  Who could know that some fifteen years later we'd be welcoming David to MoonDancer Realty i...
  The forecast said we'd see the sun today, so far it remains hidden.  Yesterday was a delicious mix of frozen rain, sleet, ice and other assorted crystalline objects all over Western North Carolina...delicious anyway if you are a penguin, polar bear or reindeer!  Leslie said it best on the tense...
  Cullowhee is no stanger to cultural and classy experiences.  There have been many extraordinary events at the WCU Fine and Performing Arts Center in Cullowhee and last night was no exception.  Savion Glover proved that there are just some humans that are unlike any other humans.  This man tap d...
Most people have never heard of Cullowhee and would have difficulty pronouncing and spelling the word.  To those of us living in the mountain of Western North Carolina however, Cullowhee is the home of Western Carolina University and a fount of cultural entertainment opportunities.  The Bardo Art...
  We've all worked with a few buyers who might have us believe that the needs in selecting the right house are complex and many.  It isn't the "needs" that are complex but the "wants" that can make the choice so difficult.   Truly?  Our needs, like those of the animal kingdom are very, very simpl...

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What job could possibly be better than bringing people together by sharing our common interests and learning new ones? Here's my opportunity to introduce conversations and photos of the area I feel so passionate about...the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina. This is one way to give you some background about me and our MoonDancer Realty company to help you make an informed decision about hiring us as your next REALTOR. I hope you enjoy the content as much I enjoy sharing it. I'm looking forward to reading your comments and hope to meet you soon.