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  Just when I think about what a goodly amount of time and money is spent taking care of multiple pets, I put it in perspective by thinking about people with multiple horses. Everything must be on a so much grander scale. You certainly can't just pop them into the car and drive to the vet's offic...
What can I say? Today seemed like a real hard rock song and The Who always satisfies for hard rock and I choose "Baba O'Reilly" as carefully as I'd choose the right pain medication to ease an ache. This seems like the friendliest way to vent a little frustration out. I listened to it three times ...
  Usually dolls do not grab my interest, in fact most of them wig me out with the glassy eyes. At least that was the case until I saw the dolls that Sharon Blaine of Greenville, SC creates. These dolls have personality! She brought the dolls to the Hard Candy Christmas Art and Craft Show at the R...
  It's no secret that spending time with a camera is one of my favorite activities and has been one pretty much my whole life. Yesterday on Thanksgiving, I pulled down one of many boxes of photos and revisited events that happened almost 20 years ago with exquisite clarity. Leslie pointed out tha...
What is earnest money and how much is enough earnest money when someone makes an offer? You aren't going to like the answer...technically, an offer doesn't HAVE to be accompanied with an earnest money amount but the real answer is whatever the two parties will agree to. (side almost 10 ...
    There have been a number of concerts recently that I thought would be fun to attend...until I heard the price of the tickets. Guess I have good taste? or maybe that's what the all cost now. That started me thinking about the first ever live concert that I went to see when I was maybe 15 years...
   Yeah, that's right. Not all sellers are created equally. Fellow agents, you KNOW I'm telling the truth. There are just some sellers who deserve a higher return that others.   Of course, those would be the sellers who treated their homes like organic entities and went beyond simply mowing the y...
   Funny how the act of doing something very simple can create a very complex chain of thoughts which causes moments to be enriched. This morning when I walked the dogs it wasn't that cold according to the thermometer, 31 degrees. Of course, the gale force winds weren't taken into consideration....
This morning I woke up thinking about the Renaissance Masquerade Ball that I went to a couple of weeks ago with my friend Laurey-Faye Long (also my favorite potter ever!). The Ball was a fundraiser to build a permanent theater for Asheville's "Montford Park Players", longest running theater group...
One of the first questions we ask new home buyers is "When would you like to be in your new home?". The first time I met Megan she told me "I'm not in a rush". Sometimes those words strike a mental shoulder slump in many Realtors and its hard to explain how some of us have an innate sense of seri...

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What job could possibly be better than bringing people together by sharing our common interests and learning new ones? Here's my opportunity to introduce conversations and photos of the area I feel so passionate about...the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina. This is one way to give you some background about me and our MoonDancer Realty company to help you make an informed decision about hiring us as your next REALTOR. I hope you enjoy the content as much I enjoy sharing it. I'm looking forward to reading your comments and hope to meet you soon.