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Post from a Stockbridge Personal Injury Lawyer. I have been doing a lot of work around the state of Georgia lately.  One place I pass everyday is Stockbridge.  I often find myself eating an early dinner there or breakfast. Boy, Stockbridge has a huge amount of traffic.  I personally blame Stockbr...
Hello, everyone.  Just writing a quick blog post about our new law page on being a McDonough Personal Injury Lawyer.  It is a review of some of the insights into personal injury claims in the state of Georgia.  If you need a lawyer because of a car accident or other injury, you should contact my ...
McDonough Car Accident Lawyer If you have been injured in Henry County, Georgia, then contact my office.  I just posted a new article on accidents in McDonough.  Please check it out.  It gives good information on car wrecks in McDonough. McDonough Personal Injury Lawyer
Check out my new post on drunk driving in Georgia while in an auto accident.  It will discuss ways to pay the medical bills and the additional money that is available to you in this situation.  The website is and the individual post is at McDonough Personal Injury Lawyer.
As a lawyer, I know that when you see a lawyer you are under a lot of stress.  Most people may never see a lawyer at all.  However, when they do, everything feels like it is on the line. If you have been in a car accident that resulted in an injury, then you will need a lawyer.  You may be able t...
Auto accidents happen all the time.  When you think of Atlanta and traffic, you think of it not moving.  However, sometimes when their is an accident, someone gets hurt.  Sometimes, they get hurt bad.  In either case, they will likely have medical bills, lost wages and suffering.  If this ever ha...
Check out the Law Firm of JP McClelland new video on Georgia LLCs and corporate law.  The video covers tax savings and limiting liability on business activities.  This is a must for real estate agents and small business owners. The video is here at our law firm's site: Georgia LLC Video.  Contact...
Where should you keep your legal documents is a tough question because it varies with the party and the document.  However, I will break it down some. Warranty Deed:  Keep with the file you were given at closing.  Your house is a fine place.  Safety deposit box is very secure, but close to being ...
Hello everyone, My firm, the Law Firm of JP McClelland has just finished an on-line video for you to view. The subject is the new living will law in Georgia. The living will video reviews: Who needs a living will? What does a living will do? What a living will is not. Options for your health care...
Law Firm of JP McClelland  New Georgia Living Will   In 1989 Allison McClelland, my 17 year old sister, introduced the legislation for Georgia's first living will.  Since then, thousands of Georgians have benefited from this law.  However, the vast majority of Georgians still do not have a living...

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