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When you list a house for sale that’s part of an estate, it’s important to do your homework. As REALTORS, we know this. We check first for authority: Who has the authority to sign, to sell, and does it even state anywhere that the house must or can be sold. We clarify if multiple parties are part...
I heard it said once by a REALTOR I admire that every day in this business is your first day in business. His comment was in response to my statement that I felt so inexperienced on the Public Policy committee when I first joined it. It seemed as though everyone else on the committee knew all of ...
Breathing life to a classic and endearing story, the Wilmington Drama League’s current production of Little Women, the Musical, is a moving and top-notch show. With expert direction and casting, both in terms of the roles they fill and in the way their voices harmonize so well together, the show ...
I was invited to go to the prom tonight. I know… I’m a bit old for that invitation but, this was not your ordinary prom and I wasn’t invited to attend. I was invited to cheer for the kids who were attending. The prom was held at AI duPont Hospital for Children. The public was asked to arrive at 5...
 … or at least one did. On a street corner in our neighborhood, a cow showed up one day. Each time I drive by, he’s meandered off into another part of the yard. When I first saw him, he was closer to the front door. A few days later, he’d traversed the sidewalk. Today, he was enjoying the shade o...
When you sew a garment, you use thread to bind the pieces of fabric together. That thread needs to do its job properly, with just the right tension, with just the right application, in order to complete the job at hand.As REALTORS, we're like that thread. We follow the directions of our clients a...
That sounds like a command. Open the pod bay doors, Hal! Seriously though, increase the canopy. The urban canopy, that is, by means of planting trees. Not only are they beautiful, they increase property values, lower summer temperatures by as much as 10 degrees, and are great for the environment....
We’ve all seen the posts on social media. Accompanied by photos, the captions cry out “Look what I saw today!”  and  “Can you believe someone’s house looks like this?”  or “What was the Seller thinking?” It is challenging, when we see something incredulous, to not want to share that with the rest...
… Most of the Time.    It’s been a bit of a crazy day today in terms of business with lots of details to follow up in many different directions. I’ve had multiple calls today that were out of the blue… the unrealistic buyer who is under the misconception that a low credit score is enough to get a...
Delaware has some excellent programs available for first-time homebuyers. Among them is the Delaware State Housing Authority (DSHA) First-Time Homebuyer tax credit. This is a federal income tax credit, designed to make home ownership more affordable. For those who choose to use this program, they...

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