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Working into the evening at my office, I heard the voices of a few other people down the hall, some laughter, and a few loud noises. When I left later, my peripheral vision pulled my gaze to the left and I saw one of the office windows covered with cardboard. Closer inspection revealed that the w...
Vendors, Affiliates, and Business Owners in Delaware, take note: The Delaware Association of REALTORS® is holding their annual convention on  Wednesday, September 25th at Dover Downs Hotel and Casino in Dover, Delaware. This is an excellent opportunity to market your services, especially those re...
Is every state in the US undergoing as much continual road work as we see in Delaware? It makes for some challenging and frustrating moments. One section yesterday just left me scratching my head. The road narrowed from two lanes to one, so you have to take turns and follow the directions of the ...
How I wish companies would encourage their employees to learn how to speak clearly on the phone. A very usual part of the day in the life of a Realtor, I've been trying to hunt down some information, specifically about a bank-owned property. Not being able to locate a direct phone number, I calle...
If you don't have a personal safety policy for youself, you can do some research on the NAR site, take a Realtor® Safety class, or ask your Broker for a potential safety list. After taking a continuing ed course on this topic, here's the list I have so far: Realtor® Safety Checklist• Meet clients...
As my daughters were growing up, my vocabulary expanded in amazing ways. Beyond the words I knew, I was introduced to the vernacular that was sometimes brand new and sometimes, much to their chagrin, simply resuscitated words. "Salt" was one of those words I remember. I tried to convince my daugh...
In a flurry of showing houses, I've been reading a lot of agents' lists of what to provide when presenting an offer. I appreciate that everyone has their own business model but some of these requirements leave me either laughing or comiserating or just scratching my head. I think the lists were b...
Reticular Activator. We all have one but we’re not always aware of it. So what is it? defines the reticular activator as your first line of defense against being overwhelmed by stimuli. It’s your reticular activator that decides what will get into your awareness, what you will notic...
Friends of mine are getting one of their investment properties ready to go on the market. I visited the house today to review color and finishing choices, hardware, and other improvements. The stain on the hardwood flooring looks great, the wall colors are cool and soothing, the flow of colors an...
  With our competitive market, multiple offers are becoming the norm, especially with houses that are priced according to the comparables, are in great condition, and are located where the buyers want to be. So, when a recent listing went on market and multiple offers were presented, I got the th...

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