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After filling up my car with gas this morning, the pump failed to print out a receipt. I walked into the small shop and asked the attendant for a copy of it. He smiled a warm smile and said that only pump numbers 3, 5, and 6 had broken printers. If I avoided those in the future, I’d always get a ...
  The New Castle County Board of REALTORS® has purchased a block of tickets and we'd LOVE to have you join us for a night of fun. If you've never been to a minor league baseball game, you're in for a treat! There's fun for everyone, entertainment including Rocky Bluewinkle and Mr. Celery, and fir...
Talking with a few friends the other day, the topic of ear worms came up. As all three of us are or have been Girl Scout leaders, a lot of the songs that get stuck in our heads are ones we’ve sung with our girls at camp. Some are songs from our children’s younger days.My friend, Chris, said that ...
Aggrandize - v. to make greater or to make to appear greaterWhen the Japanese mend broken pottery, they aggrandize the crack by filling it with gold. The damage suffered has given the piece history so they give that flaw added beauty when they repair it, yet do not hide where the flaw occurred.Th...
 Every month, our office holds a “Gratitude Lunch” which is a chance for the Realtors, staff, and affiliates who office with us to enjoy lunch together in the office, plus we say Happy Birthday to any who have a birthday that month. We make up a calendar for the year with themes for each month, a...
For any of my fellow Realtors® who’ve been going through MLS upgrades, website redesigns, or any other technological challenges, I can sympathize and my advice is… hang in there! Better yet, surround yourself with people in the know, take a class to upgrade your skills, and don’t be afraid of cha...
At a leadership training I attended this week, the presenter, Steve Francks who is the CEO of the Washington Association of Realtors®, discussed the importance of transparency. While the training was for Board members of the Delaware Assocation of Realtors® and the county associations within our ...
Every year from Thanksgiving until about January 6th, magic envelops the botanical wonder known as Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, PA. Over 1,000 acres are adorned in a different way each year, following a theme. One year, you felt the flourishes of France, another year felt like silver dripp...
While at a party last night, I was chatting with a good friend. Another friend walked up and made one of those quick "hit and run" humorous comments. "Is Monica up to her usual pontifications?" Neither my friend nor I knew quite how to respond, so we didn't, but we just smiled. He walked away, ch...
Some students were asked how they respond to the lights in a traffic signal. Simple question, right?A red light means you stop. A green light means you go. But what does a yellow light mean? The responses were split. “It means you slow down,” replied some.“It means you go faster to get through th...

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