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An investor just closed on a house and discovered, when he did his walk through, that he got more than he expected with his purchase. The Seller left personal contents in the house. In Delaware, the definition of how the house is to be left at the time of closing is “broom clean, free of debris.”...
If you’ve ever driven in the eastern part of Pennsylvania, you’ve most likely seen the large white dots that occasionally mark a staccato visual rhythm on the asphalt. Their purpose is to help you remember to keep a safe following distance from the car in front of you. Two dots is the recommended...
I didn’t really leave my Daytimer there, though yes, I do have one. Treasure it, actually. And there really isn’t a SkinnyAtlas. Well, there is, but it’s not spelled that way. Volunteering tonight at my local community theater, the Wilmington Drama League, as a bartender, I met a lot of interesti...
A friend posted on Facebook the other day that her precious little boy asked her how he got inside her tummy before he was born. The responses from friends seemed to reflect either their own similar situation they’d faced with kids or their curiosity about how the question was answered (and recei...
I love going to early Mass on Sunday (if I can get myself out of bed!) because it’s a great way to begin my day with purpose and direction. Once I get there, I always hear something in one of the readings, or the homily, or a prayer request, that speaks directly to me. Today’s service was woven w...
I have an on-going relationship that keeps me laughing. It’s with my phone. I really do love my phone because it can do so much, so easily. The photos are amazing. The voice texting is super-helpful. The fact that it has become such an essential tool is almost mind-boggling. Sometimes though, I’l...
I chuckled as I read the vanity plate on the car ahead of me on the highway. “I AM LATE” it declared. Part of my laughter was because I habitually try to fit more things into 24 hours than a day allows.I’m not sure if Delaware has more vanity plates per capita than elsewhere, but we certainly hav...
Looking for a home in northern Delaware? This gem could be yours!A classic Colonial 2-story with wonderful upgrades, this brick with vinyl 3-bedroom home features totally new kitchen, totally new bathroom, totally new living room, dining room and electric, newer deck, roof, windows, and siding. S...
Tonight I tried to purchase Christmas stamps online and couldn’t log in.I tried using my normal username. I tried it with a space. I tried it with my middle initial. I even tried it with my Confirmation name. Nope. No access. I tried all my normal password combinations. No way, Jose.It kept telli...
I have just spent the past few hours online and on the phone figuring out and completing cell phone plans and upgrades for my family. Someone pass me a martini, please. I’ve wanted to upgrade our phones for a while. I’ve done my research. I know the models I want. I thought I was prepared to just...

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