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I just recently ordered new business cards that have printing on the back. I had a 2008 calendar printed on the back. I thought if it served as a dual purpose that people would be more apt to hold on to it. It wasn't much more extra for the second side just curious about the results.Does it make ...
Step back and take a look at your home as a buyer would. Is it cluttered? Are there newspapers, catalogs and magazines piled up all over the tables? Kids toys thrown all over? Shoes out all over the floor? What is the condition of the furniture, would you feel comfortable sitting on your sofa, or...
There are many things you can do to ensure that you have a successful Open House.  I have a file full of ideas that I can use to make my Open House the best it can be. Here are some tips to remember when planning your next one.Put out your Open House signs as early as allowed in our area, not onl...
In this ever changing market it is important to always go above and beyond to make your listings stand out above the rest. Staging a property is key! If you feel it's something you can't tackle then you can always bring someone in from the outside however staging also doesn't have to be a costly ...
Open houses work! I see them as a benefit as my clients love the exposure and I have a set time each week to get some work done. I always bring my laptop along! I make good use of the downtime during this scheduled time to get certain tasks done as well as make some follow-up calls. There are sev...


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