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The other day at our office meeting, our broker asked what average number of homes were shown to our  buyers before an offer get written. I seem to have come up with one of the largest average (around 20 homes with as many as 35 for one couple)) and after the meeting a couple of my fellow agenst ...
A few fellow agents from my Brokerage have started a group that will be focused in providing real estate services with an "eco-friendly" touch. We have had a couple of brainstorming meetings & are in the process of devising a list of measures to implement in order to fulfill our mission. It just ...
The perishable food is cooked, I have water in all the empty containers I could get my hand on & have the local TV on to monitor the developping situation! I was supposed to make some phone calls to set up showings this week-end, have an open house scheduled for tomorrow...however with the develo...
As many of you are probably not aware, we have entered in the Golden Tiger Year, as of February 4th, 2010! According to the Oriental Horoscope, this year promises to be a tough year that will however harbor many hidden good fortune possibilities. In general, this Tiger year will be full of obstac...
The biggest challenge for a buyer in this market is finding a home to purchase.  At the end of January 2010 there were only 1,202 homes for sale on the island of Oahu. That is the lowest level in more than half a decade. Even though the number of homes for sale are higher than the number of buye...
As I look out my window to the beautiful sunshine & the shimmering Pacific Ocean, I think of all of you enduring the winter weather in many parts of the country. And I know how it is like, having lived in Canada (Ottawa) for 8 years and upstate NY for 18 years! I have been in Hawaii for 5 years n...
  A Bounty of Opportunities in 2010!   For the Oahu Real Estate Market this past year was filled with drastic and unprecedented changes. And as we know, with change comes opportunity. This new year promises to be filled with opportunities for both buyers and sellers. We just need to keep our eyes...
I went out with some clients of mine a few weeks ago to see an open house at a property that was an estate sale & was listed at well below market value. The appartment was in a well kept condo, build about 40 years ago, and the listing agent had everyone come to a first open house to check it out...
As we approach that wonderful holiday that thanksgiving is, I just want to share with everyone something that has helped me greatly throughout the years. But first let me tell you why Thanksgiving is my favorite Holiday... For most of you it is an occasion to be with family & friends, sharing a d...
I just finished listening to some training tapes by a "business coach" & something he said has been bothering me greatly. He kept mentionning that in order to succeed in the real estate industry, I have to stop behaving like the head nurse & more like the doctor (actually surgeon)! He went on to ...

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