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Yup, in the words of George Jefferson: “Were Moving on Up!” The question is for how long? Not only are we real estate agents with business knowledge of Sacramento and Elk Grove, we are long-time residents of the metropolitan area. We have seen the area home values rise to astronomical heights and fall to depressing lows, forcing many in our community to short sell their homes. Block by block, we have seen the effect the loss of homes has taken on our area. Just like you, we are invested in this community. According to Zillow, in April 2008, Elk Grove home values were at a high of $307,000, then reached an all-time low of $209,000 in January 2012. But now, Sacramento area home values are showing signs of life, rising 17 percent to $245,000 in January 2013. We’re making a comeback. Now that’s something to cheer about. There’s always a ‘But’. But, most real estate trend experts feel this is only a temporary hike and prices will most likely drop again late 2013 due to the so called “sequestration”. They anticipate a consistent slow increase to commence in 2015. The current rebound may have come too late for some homeowners to save their homes. For them, the only option left is a short sale to avoid foreclosure. You can continue to live in your home until the short sale is complete. Rent back for a period of time which is perfect for families who don’t want to uproot their children from their schools. Most sellers are receiving an average of $3,000 for relocation from the bank. Because we know the Elk Grove and Sacramento metropolitan area so well, we can help you relocate within the community, remaining near your favorite businesses, restaurants and schools. In two years you may qualify to purchase another home. For us, helping buyers and sellers navigate the Sacramento area real estate scene is not just business. It’s personal. From the people, to the location, to local events, the Sacramento/Elk Grove community is one in which we are proud to call home. Our commitment is to help as many homeowners as possible weather the short sale transaction, buyers and sellers alike. Knowledge of California short sale transactions is essential. Knowledge of Elk Grove/Sacramento is priceless. We’re here to help!