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The Environmental Protection Agency is launching a year-long "Change the World: Start with Energy Star" campaign. The EPA is asking consumers to pledge to take steps to reduce their carbon footprint and combat climate change. These steps include replacing at least one light with an energy-efficie...
Great New Information On The Outer Banks 4 X 4 Area. This is a question that I would often get asked when I had a call about acreage for sale. In the past my answer would usually be "Maybe". Currituck County would normally let you keep horses depending on how many with a minimum lot size of 3 acr...
Cleaning up the environment does not have to be complicated.  One does not need a grand plan to make a difference.  Just look for what you can do right now; no community meetings to attend, no organizations to join, no fancy science to understand.  Just taking these five action steps will help sa...
Today I emerged from 10 days of a flu that exceeded my worse fears, that pain can actually cause death. For 5 days I was unable to move.  For 2 days I moved a little, then a little more.  For all 10 days I could not put together a sentence, answer the phone, let the dog out or sleep.  And yet, fr...
Very good ideas in Rich's blog.Need ideas for content for your blog? Haven’t posted for months, and not sure what to write about? Don’t forget that you can easily utilize other people’s content. Here are a few quick ideas to help you start generating content for your blog, even if you don’t write...
I used to live in Malibu CA and everyone asked me, “Why do you live where there are Fires, Mudslides and Earthquakes every year?”.  Now I live on the Outer Banks of North Carolina and the same folks ask “How can you live where there are Hurricanes, and Nor’easters?”.But you already know the answe...
When I was a young(er) man, back before I was a father of four, or a Realtor, or a blogger, my wife Pam and I used to do our grocery shopping at around 11pm to miss the crowds.  We got to know the nighttime checkers and managers at the local store.  Recently, Pam reminded me about how I used to b...
  This is excellent information to use when creating your online marketing strategy. Be sure to go to all the links as well.  Enjoy!   How to Choose the Right Days to Market your Real Estate Services Online Effective real estate marketing online has a lot to do with timing.  There has been a lot ...
  This is too interesting to pass up.  I hope everyone tries Deed St.  Amazing concept in BETA.   Take a walk on Deed Street. I was introduced to Deed Street at Blog World 2009 thanks to Doug Lazovick, the founder and man behind the curtain.  During the conference I actually spent quite a bit of ...
Transactions involving a lender outside our local area have been a nightmare!  Here on the Outer Banks of North Carolina the market is mostly second homes, retirement homes and/or investment properties.  In most cases, my buyer and seller clients do not live here.  Because of the logistics, somet...

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I live and work in one of the most beautiful places on earth, the Outer Banks of North Carolina, specifically in Southern Shores! Because I am a REALTOR I have the honor of seeing more of this beauty than the average citizen. And sometimes the not-so-beautiful side shows up as well. Please join me on this journey of discovery of the Outer Banks of North Carolina, its real estate and its citizens.
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