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The weather man is forecasting warm weather for us here in the upstate of South Carolina. Our temperatures are forecast to reach into the 70's. It was only this past Sunday afternoon that it was snowing here in the upstate. We had over eight inches of snow in some areas of the upstate. It is hard...
Our sweet, calm Tody Cat has picked up a bad habit. He has always gone to the door and meowed when he wanted to go outside. Now he is going to the back door and slapping the mini blind. This is really out of character for our Tody Cat. We have not had any changes at our house and can not figure w...
Cherry Delight Ingredients: 4 cups bread crumbs - use day old bread (any kind) broken in small pieces    1 ½ cups sugar 3 eggs ½ cup margarine - melted ½ cup milk                                                                1 large can cherry pie filling Blend all ingredients in a large bowl & ...
  Snow! Snow! Snow! Who could have ever guessed that the Upstate of South Carolina would be blanketed with all of this snow. Some areas got up to eight inches. This is incredible for us. It has been very pretty and we have enjoyed it. This picture was taken after some had melted. It actually star...
  Toby Cat has a new blanket and he has decided that he will be a couch cat instead of King of the recliner. I am glad, because he was in my recliner. He is such a large cat and he wants to lay in the middle. He also likes to lay in the middle of the bed. He truly wants to be the king whereever h...
Toby Cat does not like the snow. He is sitting at the front door just looking at the snow falling. He goes outside and immediately wants to come back into the house. He just does not like the snow. He does not want the snow to fall on him. Have any of you had a similar experience with a kitty and...
We had a really good meal for our dinner tonight. Today has been so cold with rain and now with the snow. We made a big pot of homemade vegetable soup and cornbread. A good hot meal is so nice when the weather is so cold. It was also very enjoyable to cook dinner while watching the snow fall.
This is amazing, we actually have snow here in Spartanburg, South Carolina. We have had temperatures up in the 60's over the past couple of weeks. The Bradford pear trees are blooming and they are completely covered with snow. It started snowing just before dark today. It is supposed to continue ...
Now is a great time to check all of your windows to make sure that the caulking is in good shape. It is amazing how much heat you can lose around your windows. A lot of people are not aware that caulking is not a permanent product. It should be checked at least every two years. It will break down...
Toby Cat would like to know if any one has a recipe for mouse or mole flavored kitty food or kitty treats. He just does not understand why we humans can not understand what kitty want in the flavors of their kitty food. He also would like to have the recipe for dry not wet food, as that is what ...

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