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Right now is a great time to remodel your home. There are some really good deals out there on building products and appliances. It makes more sense to remodel now and enjoy the home improvements that your made before you sell your home. Then when the real estate market comes back around and you w...
We are just sitting here kicked back and watching American Idol on the television. American Idol has just changed up the way that they are going to be selecting the candidates this year. We have just enjoyed a good dinner and are looking forward to seeing who makes it and who gets cut tonight on ...
Toby Cat brought us a surprise today. We have had a mole tunneling through our yard for years and today our Tody Cat caught the mole! We were so proud of him. We treated him to a big bowl of nine lives and some catnip. He is so cute with the catnip. He rolls in it, then he eats it. He is such a g...
Guys, can you imagine how wonderful your wife would think that you are if she could just flip one switch and all of the outside holiday light would come on. I did this at our old house. My wife had nothing to say - totally speechless - and that is amazing for her. Right now is a good time to thin...
While we are having these pretty days is the perfect time to get all of those outdoor and indoor plumbing and electrical issues taken care of. For example you needed another outlet for the holiday decoration, it is an easy installation and it is low cost. Get it done now and it will be done next ...
I don't understand why the buttons on the remote control are so small. I would prefer that they be larger with pictures. I would also like to have a kitty door on the back door. My owners are afraid that I will bring a live mouse, bird or something else yummy and playful into the house - so no k...
Eventually my blogs about the tools boxes made a hit with my wift. She got me one of the cloth fold up tool boxes with all of the cool pockets to put your tools in. Not only did I get the tool box, it matches the inside of my jeep and it was packed full of all kinds of cool tools! What more could...
My wife called me yesterday - frantic. One of our neighbors had called her to say that a large black cat was in the road and had been run over. The wife was at Costco and needed to go back to her office. She checked out at Costco and went directly home. I waited on pins and needles, worried to de...
As you can see I am a large cat. It is warm here today in Spartanburg, South Carolina, so I don't need the aftgan. I have enjoyed laying and stretching in the sun, walking around and of course, chasing mice. I have had a full day, so I'm off to catch some Zzzz's!
Well, by now you should have realized that if you are wanting to buy a house, you should not look to the government for any help. You are just going to have to save your money. We are going back to the days where you had to save up for the down payment. We are going to have to take a lesson from ...

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