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This blog is your home for up-to-date information that is vital to every REALTOR®. Visit regularly for the latest real estate marketing tools and tips. The information shared is designed to provide real estate agents with the tools they need to succeed on a day-to-day basis. This blog will be updated on a regular basis so be sure you check back often. Looking forward to hearing your comments and questions.



This is a great post.  As a REALTOR®, do you ever feel like you’re jogging on a treadmill with no chance to catch your breath? If we’re right, that’s probably how you feel during the spring and summer, but not so much during the winter. This time of year, you may be struggling to continue generat...
These bloopers are too funny. We offer the Referral Marketing System, which includes: direct mail, email newsletters, website, and the best real estate CRM that will help you manage your entire real estate business.Contact us today to find out more and get the first month free: http://www.morrism...
Active Rainers, testimonials accomplish two important things in Referral & Repeat Marketing.First, testimonials tell prospects and colleagues that you have a reputation for building long lasting, solid relationships with clients.Second, testimonials make all your marketing communications and pres...
A new client thinks you are not doing enough to sell his home...A prospect is irate because you have not returned a phone call fast enough...A past client is offended because you have not been in touch with her for a while.No matter how carefully you manage your prospect and client relationships,...
Direct mail is an effective marketing tactic for agents. So are email newsletters. If you want your real estate marketing to be as successful as possible, you should be doing both.In fact, 51% of people prefer companies that use a combination of direct mail and email when communicating with them,...
This is a great post on how to verify your Facebook business page.  Real estate agents, looking for Social Media marketing solution? We offer a complete marketing system that includes social media marketing and blogs.Contact us today and get the first month free: http://www.morrismarketinggroup.c...
It is natural to want to include every client you have ever worked with in your Referral Marketing database, but this is not a good idea. Why? There are some clients who – for whatever reason – will never use your services again nor refer business to you. So why waste time and money marketing to ...
The following post was originally published by our sister company, IXACT Contact.The real estate industry is constantly changing, now add to that the fact that the marketing industry is also varying day-to-day. So how can you stay on top of all of the changes so your real estate marketing can be ...

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