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This blog is your home for up-to-date information that is vital to every REALTOR®. Visit regularly for the latest real estate marketing tools and tips. The information shared is designed to provide real estate agents with the tools they need to succeed on a day-to-day basis. This blog will be updated on a regular basis so be sure you check back often. Looking forward to hearing your comments and questions.
5 Ways to Get Your Articles Seen by Consumers Everyone who blogs with the intent of generating new clients wants their content to be found. Pretty simple. Unfortunately, it is not always so easy to get our articles to reach and stay at the top of Google.  Let's face it, many of us do not underst...
You may be starting out your real estate career as a Rookie Realtor or you may have been a real estate agent for a few years, but have yet to figure out what it takes to succeed in the competitive real estate industry. For that reason, we have compiled 6 tips to help you become a successful real ...
I am a firm advocate of sharing my online content wherever I can. The more folks that see my articles the more opportunities there are for real estate consumers to come visit my WP site. Some of those visitors may even become future clients. That principle works the same for industry professiona...
In Connecticut as in still many other parts of the country, we continue to be in a Buyers Market and as a result Seller Paid Closing Costs Continue To Be An Advantage To Buyers.  However, even though Seller Paid Closing cost tend to be mainly thought of as an advantage to Buyers,  Seller Paid Cl...
Most books on time management teach us to focus only on activities that are important or urgent. This is the so-called “ABC priority approach” where you focus on the ‘A’ priorities first, then the ‘B’s, and finally the ‘C’s. The ‘C’ list often includes little things, such as making a file folder ...
What did you learn in kindergrten?Apparently a lot more than you realized.  Everything I Learned About Real Estate I Learned in Kindergarten   Really.  Hmm.  Maybe so.  Let’s look back at those basics:   Sharing.   As in information sharing.  Well, there are some who say share nothing - yeah, som...
In an effort to help real estate agents achieve the highest level of professional success, we interviewed top performing agent, Bill Parnaby, and asked him to share with us his marketing tips.Here is the interview:Please tell us a little bit about yourself, including your years of real estate exp...
If you thought that waiting to buy a house is a good thing, think again. This is a great infographic that proves just that! By now, most of us know that this Sunday night we change our clocks back by one hour to standard time from daylight savings time. For many of us, that extra hour of sleep ma...
Staging will not solve all your real estate problems. This is a great post. Staging is Not a Band-Aid for Every Property Staging is not the band-aid or fix for every property.  Don’t misunderstand, condition is important when you’re selling your home or an investment property.  Price is always ki...
We are very happy to announce that this week's blog post was originally published by INMAN, see original post by clicking here.Realtors you may be wondering, why send direct mail to past clients? They’ve already done business with me, I’m sure they’ll do business with me again. Right?Not necessar...

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