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This blog is your home for up-to-date information that is vital to every REALTOR®. Visit regularly for the latest real estate marketing tools and tips. The information shared is designed to provide real estate agents with the tools they need to succeed on a day-to-day basis. This blog will be updated on a regular basis so be sure you check back often. Looking forward to hearing your comments and questions.
This post is a reblog from Niki Fuller's blog: What's Not To Love About The Modern Kitchen Trends? For Real Estate Inquiries, Please Call, Your Journey Team:  Niki Fuller at 502-523-5554 / e: niki@YourJourney...
Home values are local and looking at national averages or reading information online does not necessarily help consumers price their homes correctly.Calling a local real estate agent and asking for a Comparative Market Analysis would be far more helpful than trying to guess what the price of a ho...
Smaller homes are becoming more and more popular, and what they lack in size they make-up with an attractive price point.    What started with a few people looking to down-size during the recession has turned into a national phenomenon:  I’m speaking of course about the Tiny House movement.   A t...
Have you ever received an anonymous text from someone? Have you ever send a text but never received a response?In this blog post some basic text rules are outlined and we couldn't agree more with them. Share with us any other rules you would like to add.  Okay I Will Accept Your Text…. But, there...
This is a great blog post highlighting the importance of making relationships and the benefits of referral marketing. The best way to get more leads is through referral and repeat marketing. Contact us today and get started with a one month free trial.     It is all about the right relationships"...
Have you ever wondered what a real estate agent should and shoudn't do, during an open house? Here are some great tips on this blog post. Over the years I have held and attended hundreds of open houses. Some are fantastically boring and others are incredibly fun - depending which builder is givin...
Myths and truths about real estate agents. Great post. There is no doubt that the experiences of family and friends impact our decisions greatly. We value the opinions of those we love the most... and when they have a bad experience, it's easy to draw assumptions about the culprit, whether actual...
Helpful tips on how to get a mortgage pre-approval.  In today's real estate world everyone is looking for a edge to purchase a new home, so we thought we'd give you 3 tips to help your pre-approval process.  The pre-approval process is the first step in the mortgage process  and gets you set up t...
Do you know how to communicate with your hot prospects? This blog post offers some fantastic tips on what to do right and what to avoid. Keep in-touch with your hot prospects and clients with The Referral Marketing System. Its easy and we do all the work for you. Contact us today and we will show...
We are very honored to have been featured in Facebook Fridays.Please like our Facebook page found here: and share your page with us, so we can Like your page in return. Facebook is like that weed that you just c...

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