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This blog is your home for up-to-date information that is vital to every REALTOR®. Visit regularly for the latest real estate marketing tools and tips. The information shared is designed to provide real estate agents with the tools they need to succeed on a day-to-day basis. This blog will be updated on a regular basis so be sure you check back often. Looking forward to hearing your comments and questions.
Why do I need to be pre-approved before I look for a home? If you are new to the home buying process then this is a valid question. After all, you “know” what you can afford and when you find a home you love then you can go through the process of actually getting a loan. Right? Wrong! Even in a ...
When Were Your Bylaws Written? Living in a condominium is different in many ways from living in a single residence. Even if you have lived in communities that have homeowners associations, once you move into a condominium in some area such as Hoboken or Jersey City, you will discover that the ru...
Today we are sharing a blog post originally posted by our sister company IXACT Contact and written by Candace Green.How much of your real estate business comes from referrals? If you’re anything like the many REALTORS® I speak with, it could be 60-80% of your business.  That’s a massive amount of...
Love what you do and success will follow. Great post! It's one of the oldest businesses any young entrepreneur remembers starting. They aren't around as often anymore but the neighborhood curbside lemonade stand used to be a staple among communities all across the Country. Children of all ages wo...
Realtors, would you accept the first offer on a house you are selling? Why or why not?   Should Sellers Take The First Offer When Selling Their Home?Some say first offers are the best offers, some say to wait it out to get a higher offer, I personally do not agree with either theory.If your house...
Realtors it is no secret that you spend a lot of time in your car. In fact, you are probably the local road warrior; continuously on the go visiting clients, checking out the latest new listings, meeting with prospects, and negotiating deals. You could wind up spending two to three hours in your ...
This is a great post on how the popular HGTV channel has helped real estate agents. What has your experience been like? Has HGTV helped your real estate career? Why or why not?  5 ways that HGTV sometimes makes my job easier - There are just as many opinions on this topic as there are belly butto...
Very helpful post on the biggest reason for mortgage delays.  Most people, even those in the Real Estate business would probably answer this question by saying Income and Credit issues are the the major reason for mortgage delays.  However, they would be wrong.  Income and Credit Issues are major...
A insightful post from our sister company IXACT Contact. To maximize your repeat and referaral results, combine your CRM tool with a complete real estate marketing system. Contact us today and will show you how:  Managing your rea...
What to Do With All of Your Stuff When You’re Ready to Sell! When I’m providing a staging consultation, one of the questions (or looks) I always get is “What am I supposed to do with everything?” It’s really easy to tell someone to throw this away, or pack that up, but it’s daunting when you’re ...

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