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HVCC Rally and Lobby Day, April 14th in Washington, DC. If HVCC is harming your customers and/or your business, you need to attend. It's FREE!  For more information or to register, go to: The housing industry...
Attention ALL Housing Professionals. Are you tired of HVCC and the harm it continues to create for consumers and small business?? Now you have the chance to do something about it. The National Association of Independent Housing Professionals, has been fighting against HVCC in Washington and NY. H...
Legislative Issues Today's housing industry is facing unprecedented challenges. New rules, regulations and laws, often created by a rush to judgment, are harming housing professionals, consumers, the market and the overall economy. NAIHP has identified several areas of concern and will be aggres...
  National Association of Independent Housing Professionals Webcast of September 16, 2008 Congressional Hearing, where current FHA Commissioner David Stevens refers to the new GFE as, "I can't see anything that would confuse a consumer more than this new document." Fast forward hearing to 1:32:25...
Government can create and sustain jobs without spending a dime. Currently, the Obama Administration and Congress are pondering a new stimulus package or jobs bill, which would cost American taxpayers hundreds of billons of dollars and drive us further in to debt. Instead of risking billions more,...
Are you having problems getting your good buyers approved? If you are, you're not alone. One year ago, borrowers with a middle credit score between 620 and 640 had little trouble being approved. Today, some buyers with credit scores in the mid 700's are being denied. If you have experienced these...
Mainstream media must accept some responsibility for the prolonged housing crisis. Not a day goes by that we don't hear how bad things are. Even when positive reports are released by NAR or the government (example 8% rise in pending homes sales for August), it's buried by the media. The key to th...

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