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Is it just me or are things starting to look up in the real estate biz? Values seem to holding, appraisals are coming back at value, rates are still low, people are qualifying, jumbos are back. The Fed came out today and said rates to remain low for an extended period of time and jobs are finally...
Well done! I think you are 100% right on.WILL THE LAST MORTGAGE BROKER ON EARTH PLEASE TURN OUT THE LIGHTS? Will there soon be a day when the last mortgage broker on earth quietly turns out the lights, sadly looks back, then joins the other victims on the growing list of economic extinction? Are ...
I just read an article that made me feel like there may be more help on the way! As you all know the higher loan limits seems to be more of a carrot than an answers to our problems. With all the add ons to the fees, LTV restrictions, ratio limits, etc, etc....... Well according to an article in O...
Well the wait is over. Last week the new Conforming jumbo rates finally dropped to where they can make a differance. Loan to $729,750 in LA/Orance Counties now around 5.50% with 1 point cost. What a great improvement. With rates at this level more people can meet the ever tightening guidelines. N...
We all waited with baited breath for the new conforming limits to take effect only to find the new rates weren't much better than the jumbo fixed rates. Well that has been slowly changing, and today rates areĀ over one full percent better. Example- 6.25% @1 point for jumbos to $729,750 vs 7.50% @ ...

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