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This one is for originators. what is the difference in these 2 programs what are the advantages , dislikes, and likes. I can use either one but am not sure if i want to switch to encompass. Let me know what you all think  Thanks  T.J.
I am a senior associate in the mortgage industry. I have been working mainly off referrals my whole career and this year the realtor's are asking me for the leads. I have a few a month but the realtor's that i work with sometime they waste them. I am looking for realtor's that want to make money ...
Has anyone met a realtor that has a part time job? i have i am currently working with one.There is nothing wrong with that but i am seeing it more and more  They said they need the money for the holidays. This realtor has been doing real estate for years and not till this year have they had a par...
I was told that builders are the best and most loyal referral source this weekend by another originator that is also a realtor. My question is how do you get a builder to send you the referrals? i have met with a few but they either seem to be to busy to talk or they have nothing going on. Where ...
Internet leads, Is anyone having luck with Internet leads anymore? do people really fill out these things on the Internet or they just trying to win an x-box360? I have used many Internet lead sites in the past and they used to be good. Now i call and call these leads to get no answer. I work mai...

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