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Well, we continue to see change. Too bad none of it appears to be helping the consumer. We continue to hope that the monies provided to the major banks will provide the emotional climate for bankers to start loosening the proverbial purse strings.



Interest rates? A reflection of economic strength? Yes, you could say that. Currently we have historically LOW mortgage interest Rates. Higher rates would indicate a strong, vibrant economy. Yesterday I quoted a 30 year fixed (FHA) rate that was the same as a 15 year rate(early this year) -I coul...
Well, for the first time in awhile, MBS and 10 yr bond yields are going in opposite directions. In the recent past, if the 10 year went up, the MBS would go down - indicating higher mortgage interest rates. The 10 year keeps going up, which used to portend high interest rates; not right now! The ...
Well, there you have it, folks. Big Ben (Bernanke) has announced QE3 and they will be buying $40 billion/month in bonds. That's great, you say? I would suggest that the market has already factored in an assumption that the FED would move forward with Quantatative Easing III - and bond holders are...
Well, here we are again...waiting for Mr. Bernanke and the FED. Some folks have been under the assumption that Rates will go up (witness the lack of demand in the Bond market in the last several days) and PIMCO sell off; now, today, just before the announcement (will we, or won't we have a QE3) a...

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