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Well, we continue to see change. Too bad none of it appears to be helping the consumer. We continue to hope that the monies provided to the major banks will provide the emotional climate for bankers to start loosening the proverbial purse strings.



In a time when mortgage loan programs are becoming more and more strict and harder to qualify for - there is some good news. Besides historically LOW rates, there are: 1. 100% Physicians (MD) loans (up to $750,000) - with no mortgage insurance (PMI)2. 100% VA (veterans) loans (to $417,000) - also...
Well, as I sit here and read what's going in DC (re: the "fiscal cliff") and all the things that are going on to deal with this issue (and all the things that are NOT being handled; can you say $7/gallon MILK!)... it makes me sad for this country. As an Immigrant (from Holland aka The Netherlands...
It's interesting as I sit here and Quote Purchase loans vs. Refinance loans. For example: on a 15 year fixed - $200,000 purchase The Note Rate is 2.625%; we can close in 30 days; and I can give the Borrower a credit to pay for the appraisal (at closing). (there are incentives to bring in new purc...

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