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Well, we continue to see change. Too bad none of it appears to be helping the consumer. We continue to hope that the monies provided to the major banks will provide the emotional climate for bankers to start loosening the proverbial purse strings.
Here is the Mortgage Market News for the Week of May 3, 2010.   What do California, Florida, Nevada, and Arizona have in common? All 20 of the large metropolitan areas with the highest rates of foreclosures during the first quarter were located in these states. RealtyTrac's research showed that t...
The Mortgage Market AdvisoryTMThe Week of April 5, 2010 Provided by Al Rodenburg            Mortgage pricing moved higher for the second week in a row. this week by around 1.00 in points and .250 to .375 in rates on a 30-year fixed. In the last two weeks mortgage pricing has worsened by about 1....
Call: (281) 378-1558 / email: / Direct Lender with Freddie Mac Mortgage information from Freddie Mac: Also available: Jumbo Loans 100% financing for rural property (USDA loans) 100%...
I keep hearing (tv, radio and published media) about the demise of no down payment home loan financing.Well, from where I sit (Houston, TX) , there are still plenty of no down payment options. The most useful one that I have embraced just recently is doing governent loans (FHA and VA). As a forme...
Lending guidelines continue to become more conservative. Real estate investors are facing new challenges. It's more important than ever to have a professional mortgage consultant that has an in depth understanding of lender guidelines and specializes in financing real estate, whether it is invest...
Collateralized Debt Obligations...who is responsible for them? Well, it would seem that the large financial companies like Bear Stearns, JP Morgan Chase, Lehman Brothers. GMAC and Merrill Lynch have some culpability for what is happening in the lending marketplace. Typically they are the ones tha...
Although you hear (constantly, if you listen and watch the financial news channels) about how "bad" the subprime lenders were to lend to the poor, unsuspecting consumers - to get them into homes with no money down, even though they had suspect credit - there is an undercurrent of buying activity ...

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