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The Best Way to Make Money Off Someone Else's Money! Here's HOW! 100% financing or "Zero down" mortgages are still POSSIBLE in Vancouver!  CMHC may have cancelled "zero" down but a few lenders have found a way around this. Some banks or lenders will "give" you the 5% to put down of the purchase p...
Hello Vancouver! Thought I'd share this with you all, as some Realtors may come across Buyers heading for, or have recently completed bankruptcy, information pertinent to Canadians.  In the past few months, changes to the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act came into force that Buyers may not have been...
Vancouver, are you ready to make the move away from renting? Many of us have heard the following: "The greatest fortunes were made in real estate."  Real estate should ideally be a longer term investment, however just 10 years ago the average home price in BC was approximately 208,000* compare th...
Think You're Paying Too Much Interest If You Amortize Over 35 Years?  Think again! Here's this Vancouver Mortgage Broker`s opinion...go as long as you can and here`s why!  •·         $1,000 mortgage monthly payment / 25 years is equivalent to 845.32 over 35 years. •·         4.30% interest rate (...
New to Canada? Are you curious about how to best get your landed and non-landed new immigrant clients approved for residential mortgages in 2010. Below are some tips and general guidelines and how I can help get New Canadians and Non-permanent residents approved for a mortgage in the Greater Vanc...
For years Americans have enjoyed the benefits of being able to deduct the interest paid on their residential mortgage and save on income tax. Some people may say that this benefit is partly why Americans have encountered so much housing trouble as this concept encourages you to keep a high mortga...
Alot has changed in the mortgage world since 2009's financial crisis and lender tightening. More and more self-employed people have been phoning me, frustrated with their banks and because they're not cut and dry, feeling like they're getting the brush off by bankers too busy focusing on easier s...

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