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Everything you ever wanted to know about Reverse Mortgages.
It is always good to see or read fair and balanced media portrayals about Reverse Mortgages. Unfortunately there are not enough. Yesterday, Amy Hoak wrote a very fair article in Marketwatch about Reverse Mortgages. It is a worthwhile read. Here is the link to it: http://www.marketwatch.com/story/...
Here is a presentation from Genworth (a division of GE that bought Liberty Reverse Mortgage a few years ago for $50 million dollars) that gives some basics about Reverse Mortgages. In my opinion, it is not as good as the guide I posted last week ("Your Reverse Mortgage Guide" which you can get he...
Here is a presentation I gave several times to people in the insurance industry (mostly Long-Term Care Insurance, but Life insurance, too) I think it's a great explanation how Reverse Mortgages work and some great, real-life examples of how Reverse Mortgages can help insurance agents and their cl...
Here is a presentation that I have given at seminars about how Reverse Mortgages work. It is a little wordy and I am working on changing many of the slides, but if you read it, it gives a lot of useful information.My favorite part is about the misconceptions that people have about Reverse Mortgag...
Before I start giving away more great stuff about Reverse mortgages, I wanted to give a few examples of completely worthless, and sometimes incorrect stuff that is out there about Reverse Mortgages, if you should happen to search for them.  The first one is an article called "The 5 Key Reverse Mo...
This is, in my opinion, the finest written report on how a Reverse Mortgage works. I think it is the clearest written, most descriptive explanantion of most of the details about a Reverse Mortgage. I believe that Reverse Mortgages are the most misunderstood financial product in the world. I beliv...
I am making my number one priority to educate as many people about Reverse Mortgages as possible. I am going to give away, to anyone that asks for it, what I believ to be the finest written report about Reverse Mortgages that I know of. I have already posted three Reverse mortgage presentations o...
I thought this would be a lot easier. I know how much Reverse Mortgages help people. I have saved dozens of people from certain foreclosure. I have helped people who could not put food on their table, I have helped people help their children and I have helped people sleep at night, just by knowin...
Bill Bischoff wrote stoday in SmartMoney that the tax benefits of a Reverse Mortgage for the heirs of the borrower may be much greater than the costs of the loan.  His summary of what a Reverse Mortgage is and how it works is very well-written and he wrote that a Reverse Mortgage can possibly cau...
It's no secret that fixed-rate Reverse Mortgages have been getting a much better execution in the secondary market. This means that the lenders are getting much more money when they sell the loans after they close. Most lenders have been passing this on to the originators like me. Some have been ...

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