Last night about 11:00 I finished uploading this listing into the MLS:  By 11:00 this morning I had seven showings scheduled for the property.  I think it's safe to assume that we will be under contract soon. As always,  a home in a desireable location that is priced fairly won't be on the market...
Contintuing education yesterday was great - all about Facebook advertising and how it can be leveraged. I felt like I learned a lot.Until the title company treated us to appetizers and drinks afterwards, and that's where I really learned the lesson of the day.You see, the conversation turned to t...
We spent a beautiful afternoon this week at Beaver Marsh, an area within the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.  It is a wide vista of cattails and marsh grass with a wooden boardwalk that runs through.  It is a lovely, serene place to watch herons fishing, ducks dabbling, and lily pads spreading out...
Today, another agent held a Broker's Open at one of my listings.  One of my listings throughout the summer, that is.  But it expired in September, so I guess she had every right to have that Broker's Open there today.It stung to lose this one.  It was a townhome in a desirable complex, priced at ...
I was supposed to host two open houses today. The first one was supposed to be on this property:  It sold yesterday. The later open house was to be held at this property:  It sold yesterday.I was anticipating two open houses today and held none.  Wouldn't you be disappointed if that happened to y...
Wilbur Wright, is known for inventing the airplane. Along with his brother Orville, he put a tremendous amount of study and work into the machine that put Kitty Hawk on the map and thousands of people in the air. When asked about how he arrived at this nadir of innovation and invention, he is quo...
Oh how I love to list a home in June! Looking through the lens of my camera, I get the front of the house in focus.  It all lines up beautfully; clouds framing a blue sky, forming the backdrop for a sun-dappled home that's rising from beds of blooming flowers and grasses. That's a money shot.Here...
If you've never had a dry spell in sales, this post is not for you.  You're all still reading, right?  There's no shame in admitting that real estate sales is a career with ups and downs built right into it.  I happen to be on week six of no homes sold (not that I'm counting, mind you), and I tho...
When a Realtor drives through a neighborhood, chances are he or she is looking out the window at yard signs.  We love to see what's newly listed, what's pending, what's sitting and waiting for a buyer still.  At this time of year, front yard signs multiply exponentially.  It's election season, so...
There will be lots of folks hoping for sunny skies and pleasant weather this Sunday, October 11, 2015, for the thirteenth annual running of the Towpath Marathon and 10K. An annual event, the Towpath Marathon is a beloved race for people who love the beauty of the Cuyahoga Valley National Park and...

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