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The World Will End, April 2nd, 2008!  Wouldn't it be great if we could know all?  Probably not!  Everyone throughout the country is talking about what the real estate market is doing, has done, will do and all have their twist on the reasoning.The bottom line is, the real estate market runs in cy...
As the real estate market continues to stabilize, sellers may find that their property remains on the market significantly longer than the days of "list today, sold tomorrow." There is also more competition for buyers. So, it can be frustrating to put your home on the market, expecting a fast sal...
Final Chapter for this series anyway.  More thoughts and ideas coming soon.In the past posts, we have discussed different methods of marketing yourself with less cash outlay than commercially printed material.   Now that we have our post-cards, newsletters and data base set-up, let's put it to wo...
We've covered a few topics in my previous articles, now let's take on one more.Brochures!Many experienced agents will have mixed views on whether you need one or not.  Any marketing tool you use can have benefit.  A lot depends on how you use the tool.  First let's talk about going about creating...
TeachWouldn't our community be a better place if we all decide to fill in the blank with Teach.When thinking about ideas for my next blog, I thought about my life and my career.  Was I doing enough?  Enough for me?  Enough for my community?  I know there are a few that think, I just don't have ti...
In my last blog, we talked about setting up a database and creating templates for cards and postcards.  Just a quick note on postcards before I start with this new information.  Once you print out the 1/2 page or 1/4 page postcards, take them to your nearest Kinko's or copy center and have them c...
Are you overwhelmed as a new agent coming into Real Estate?  Most new agents coming into this business are not prepared for the financial obligation of building their business.  Sometimes your office give you all the typical ways to market yourself, such as Pre-printed direct marketing newsletter...
Are you usual or unusual?  If one of your closest friends was asked how they view you in a crowded room, would they say that you blend right in or stand out?  In a profession in which everyone around you is a potential client, you have got to be the one that stands out.  Are you the discussion st...
Before writing this blog, I did a search of blogs containing the words morals or ethics and was surprised that there were only a little over 2 pages returned.                                                                             My question is this:  What is the difference?Are morals intern...
Many Realtors have associations that they belong to in addition to their real estate careers.  Does your hobby or volunteer work enhance and solidify your career?  It should!My particular "hobby", and I use that term somewhat lightly, because it is really more of a commitment to lifestyle, is sin...

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