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The Bank of Canada may be thinking about raising interest rates but there’s apparently no need to because Canadians are hunkering down to cool debt obligations on their own.   When the Bank of Canada's Mark Carney speaks the public listens.  This is exactly the reason why the canadian detached/se...
The real estate market in Halton Hills aka Georgetown is on fire.  Bidding wars on anything under 500,000 is now the normal.  Fully qualified purchasers are walking in firm and lifting a requirement for inspections while still paying over list.  Real estate agents are pricing the homes at fair ma...
  Here is an excerpt from my last email to my clients.  Interest Rate Party is Over in Canada!  Its time to act, one way or another or at the very least have a no obligation mortgage checkup done.   Email me today to have your file reviewed.  I will locking in a finalizing fixed rates until midni...
Get ready to pay more and more and more, while getting less! The financial disaster the government of Ontario has created in the last ten years is going to start costing us all dearly. Look for higher consumption taxes, higher hydro rates, and cutbacks to our education and healthcare services. Th...
  Rates remains steady today as economists continue to debate whether Canadian consumers are taking on too much debt. Some argue that the debt to income levels are reaching new highs over 150% and that should be a warning. Others point out that 150% may have been high when interest rates were ove...
Great news on job growth south of the Canadian border today.  As a Canadian who loves the U.S. of A. its good to see progress down there. Now lets hope your big banks their associated institutions allow more refinancing of high interest rate debt into the lower more manageable levels! Secondly le...
What a great day it is indeed.  The five year fixed mortgage is still available at 2.99% ...No Gimmicks, and i just found out I won the best mortgage agent award for my primary servicing area.  
  Low and stable bond yields have some lenders reducing mortgage rates on the 3-5 year terms. They are getting fairly attractive relative to the variables since the discounting from prime has virtually disappeared. In Europe the European Central Bank rate remained unchanged at 1% today. They have...

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