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I am taking a real vacation, like we did in the 70's an 80's.   NO CELL PHONES, laptops or Ipads. I will NOT be calling in to check on things. I also will NOT be telling people how to find me! My kids have been there with me before and Know where but not how to reach me. There is NOTHING that can...
A couple of years ago I had a couple deals get heated when the Buyers took pictures inside my listings. Our MLS allows for 32 pictures online,that should about cover it.I take 2-3 picture of the kitchen from different angle so you can verify the included appliances were not changed out for cheape...
This may seem as a rant and it might be. My best friend that I sold a home to a few years ago, is always saying, "Zillow said".I am constantly at listing appointments and told I'm wrong, "Zillow said".Last week I was at an HOA meeting where I live, and brought MLS sheets on 2 new listings and was...
Twice in the last couple of days I have experienced this. Both homes are in a hot price range that also has no inventory.The first one is an older home priced a lttle high and needs about 3 more days of repair and paint. It got passed over by buyers that might have taken it, if it looked better.T...
Who is them?  TSA and maybe some of you!  Last year I wrote a blog about shocking a TSA agent. It was when the Samsung "bad phones" were in the news.When it was my turn to get my bags riffled they wanted phones on top to see. When mine was NOT there they wanted to know where it was? "AT HOME I AM...
Halloween stuff is out and its over a month away.I was in Costco yesterday and the Christmas crap is out already. I hurried and grabbed a" first of the season" pumpkin pie. I worried Thanksgiving might be canceled as that was the only sign of it.I  think of all the disappointed kids that Hallowee...
Cnn says today in the news that direct flights from Mexico will be undergoing extra scrutiny on electrical devices larger than a cell phone. Plan on a 3 hour wait in the security line.The last  few years we have vacationed in Mexico. We only go for a week, so I DON"T bring my CELL PHONE as I am o...
After 9+ years at Coldwell Banker, I was recruited and accepted a spot at Windermere.I was stressed and in great turmoil for a couple weeks making my decision. 9+ years is hard to walk away from and yet things were at a standstill for me. Looking back now, I was in a rut. We have all heard about ...
I just returned from a Mexico vacation. As I was going thru the TSA shake down they were worried about the Samsung "bad" phones. Paranoid would be a better description.I was asked "where is your cell phone"? "At home, I'm on vacation". The most puzzled look and then "Good for you"! 
In Oregon we have a 5 page disclosure for the Seller to fill out as to whats right and wrong with the house. Repairs made, with or without permits ect.. I tell them fill it out as honest as you know how.A home inspection will verify this when the Buyers have one done. Every so often down the road...

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