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When buying a home you need to remember that you are not going to live your rest of your life in the same house. What are you thinking about when buying a new home? Are you thinking about the way that you can start your new life there? How about the money that you are going to spend? While there ...
If you are struggling with the choice of either purchasing a new home or a existing home. Here are differences between the two you might want to consider.NewYou Personalize -You design a home to reflect your individual styleFull Warranty - a peace of mind that your new home will lastEnergy Saving...
5 Effective Networking Tips1. Set a goal - How many people in how much timedo you want to meet? 10 people in 20 minutes? What'syour goal for the event?? Get clear so you'reproductive.2. Take notes. Right there... right on the back of the business card they give you: WRITE your notes aboutthem.3. ...
I have read a lot on different forums about other agent asking the question "If anyone has got any business from blogging?" From what I have have seen it looks like it's split down the middle. Some agents have gotten some business and others haven't seen any business from blogging. I don't blog j...
I was gone for a while, but now I'm back in the swing of things here on AR. I have missed blogging and learning from what others have. It's back to business and finish the year up strong and have a good start in 2008! I Hope everyone does the same. Best of luck!
1) Confusing Goal Setting with Business Planning.  Plans are calculated; goals can come from thin air. 2)      Excluding Transaction Costs from your Business Plan- The more transactions you do the more money you will spend, your plan should take that into consideration.3)      Omitting Activities...
I don't know how many people have told me "The market is really bad right now. It's a bad time to be in real estate". And many other similar negative statements. If you listen and think about these things, they become part of your reality. If you dwell on them, worry about them, or let them affec...
This is another little saying that is a big misperception.People do the same things over and over again thinking they will get better.The opposite is true and they build up more frustration because the results don't follow.This is why I believe "Perfect practice makes PERFECT"It's reimplementing ...
Do you put your cell number on cards?I was curious because an agent in the office said she does not. She says that when she hands someone a card, she will personally write the cell number on back of it to make it more personal and to make them feel like your really putting effort towards them.  T...
I've heard this before with regards to being an agent, and that successful agents focus on getting and selling listings. Sellers usually take less time to work with to get a deal closed. Buyers can be frustrating and perhaps never buy anything, and once you list a property that is priced right an...

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