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People have a real tendency to buy with their hearts as opposed to with their heads. This can lead to some fairly disastrous situations. This is not to say that you should not feel the purchase in your heart, merely that you should use your head to confirm what your heart feels. It's so easy when...
I think that the majority of new agents only stay in Real estate for only a year or less is because they give up or don't do enough business to pay all of the fees. Getting into Real Estate is expensive so if you don't have something going immediately or within a couple of months you will get dis...
An unrealistic offer on a house that meets your needs and is priced correctly could end up costing more than it would with a realistic offer.When it comes to Real Estate matters, the 3 most important aspects of an effective negotiation are:Information Preparation Realism Information Once you have...
1. Find the agent who can expose your property to the most buyers:• Ask whether the company is part of a larger company or network. How many agents does the company employ to promote your property to buyers? The more the better.• Learn about the agency's overall marketing strategy. Do they use ne...
Be sure that:repairs you've requested have been made. Obtain copies of paid bills and any related warranties. all items that were included in the sale price-draperies, lighting fixtures-are still there. screens and storm windows are in place or stored. all appliances are operating. intercom, door...
I just finished my first week of 4-4-3. I would have to say that I feel that this will turn my RE career in the right direction. I have been with Keller Williams since March. I get so motivated every-time I go to the class. Our instructor gave us some stats on other agents in the office that took...
There sure are a lot of self-improvement materials/techniques out there. Many are successful. Curious: If you were to list 4 traits for success, what would you list?Mine are:1) Ambition -- I define it as great desire to achieve your goals.2) Openness -- as related to learning, and keeping an open...
There are certain aspects of purchasing a Foreclosure that many have no idea what to look for.The following items below were discussed.1- Inspection: Prior to making an offer it`s extremely important to conduct a "Full" inspection. Roof, appliances,Air Conditioner,termites,mold,and structural dam...
Notify Services & UtilitiesDon't forget to contact services such as: post office, insurance, movers, telephone, utilities, newspaper, etc. a few weeks prior to you moving out to "change over" billing/mailing addresses.Get a couple of written estimates from movers on the services they provide for ...
Canadian professor, as part of a broader study on real estate sales patterns, found that homes where the seller was "motivated" actually took 15 percent longer to sell, while houses listed as "handyman specials" flew off the market in half the average time.           "It surprised even me," said ...

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