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If your idea is good enough to be "kept a secret", your idea is going to get noticed in the first place. Meaning - if your idea generates 1000 home sales a year, you aren't going to be able to keep it a secret.And if your idea generates 1 home sale a year - its probably not an idea worth spending...
I'm sitting wondering why some agents continue to  to do lots of business and some agents struggle when the market gets slow like it is now. Could it be that some agents have referrals that keep them busy or that their pipeline is full. I know hard work has to be one of the reasons why they conti...
When I show a house or preview them, I think about what I would have done differently to the house to make it show better. I've been in some houses when the urine smell is enough to make you sick and I'm sure I'm not alone on this one. I always think about what am I going to say when I give feedb...
Here are some things you can do to get your house noticed when selling-Make sure house numbers are easy to read.-Make sure railings are sturdy and freshly painted. -Touch up or repaint the home's exterior. -Replace or paint the front door. -Keep grass trimmed and yard clear of toys and debris. -P...
If you go after FSBO's, here are some reasons why they need you.1. Demonstrate the long list of all that's involved in marketing a property - from advertising and photography to negotiating and closing a deal2. How you as an expert with all the tools, your network and the MLS will open the door w...
There`s an old saying "Getting to the Top is Easy,staying there is another story". We`ve been fortunate and i`d like to share some of our marketing strategies. Below is a list of ideas you may wish to incorporate into you`re marketing system:1- Contact former clients every quarter to say "Hello"....
Believe it or not,. as Realtors, we are in the lead generation business. I see so many post on various Real Estate forums asking "How to get leads" or "What is the best way to generate leads." I think the best way to get leads if you are new to the business is letting everyone you come in contact...
You might bring along some of the items if you ever go door knocking.First, give them a reason to open the door and listen and a reason to do it again next time you're through the neighborhood. Some giveaway (like a magnet) and a market report with recent sales and things along those lines. Also ...
My biggest mistakes are probably inconsistent marketing, not managing my time efficiently, and not screening prospects thoroughly enough to weed out those not deserving of my time. I'm getting a little better on screening and prequalifying. My marketing still goes through surges and stalls though...
Anyone have any especially creative ways they get their name out? Here is one:Buy Keychains with your contact info, give them to a locksmith, or anywhere keys are duplicated, then ask them if when someone gets a copy of a key to have them put the new one on your keyring. This helps both sides, it...

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