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This List posted by William Johnson was a great summary of Steve Jobs' commencement speect at Stanford University in June of 2005.  The only thing that I felt might be missing is the actual speech itself.  It is a compelling and powerful message that is even more powerful now after his death.  En...
What is the Greatest Source of Business in Real Estate? Here is a hint: It has nothing to do with the internet.  Yes, NOTHING to do with technology. We all know that any type of sales is a numbers game:  A sales person who contacts 2,000 people will generate more sales than someone who is calling...
How to Get a Call Back From a Listing Agent: Warning: This is my first RANT ever. Please bear with me.  I just had one of my One Day Home Sales this past Saturday and I was really frustrated by the messages that were left for me.  Here are some tips on leaving a message that will get a call back ...
The Truth Hurts (Especially When You're NOT Telling It) I had a Listing appointment with a very nice woman a few weeks ago. She invited me into her home and let me share ALL of the information that I had for her home.  Finally, came the BIG Question: What is my home worth?  I gave her the value r...
Never Give Up This was a speech given by Winston Churchill at a graduation ceremony many, many years ago. Actually, he said it slowly and with more emphasis about four or five times and sat down.   This is the way of our world: if we do not give up...we will eventually get what we are working for...
Would Yelling EVER Accomplish a Positvie Result? In a word NO. I was showing some homes to a Client of mine in the San Dimas, Ca. area near Bonneli park and in La Verne, Ca. Her limit is under $2 Milliion. I sent her some homes the night before. I told her that they were very similar to the one t...
How To Work With Million Dollar Clients:   What is the difference between a $100,000 home and a $1,000,000 home. Okay...yes...there are lot of nicer amenities.   What is the difference to the Realtor? Yes...instead of a $3,000 commission, there is a $30,000 comission. The KEY is to GET YOUR MIND ...
Hungry Buyers in Southern California Buyers seem even more eager to buy a home now than ever. It is true that the $8,000 tax credit is gone. However, in California there is now a $10,000 dollar tax credit (payable over 3 years). There are now 2,000 more reasons ($$) to buy now.   It is a very int...
Great Service at a Cemetary?  Yes, I said at a cemetary. My wife and I were going to a funeral of a really great nephew of mine when we were lost.   This cemetary is one of the biggest in Southern California called Rose Hills. There is no telling how long we could have been looking for a certain ...
Treat Your Customers Right or Someone Else Will   Tonight after our couple's group at church, Tania and I went for a late night massage. We ordered a basic massage. They assigned us our location and then offered an upgrade "at a special rate." Tania and I refused because the special #2 is just li...

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