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  I know everyone has heard over and over again about global warming, going green and saving our planet. And as much as it might sometimes sound redundant or overstated there is a huge direct impact we can make with a few simple steps I've listed below. These are not new ideas or concepts rather ...
 OK, So with too much snow and nothing to do I decided I would build an igloo for Danielle (gf's daughter). Danielle and her bff were tired of the snowman they built with its boring stare, carrot nose and lifeless personality! Could u blame the kids?? So I mustered all the energy I could manage a...
I get called into a lot of real estate transactions post home inspection. What usually happens is the home inspector will make recommendations based on the inspection of construction defects an advise the seller to seek a qualified, certified or licensed professional depending to the issue to add...
Overdue for a blog entry...As my good friend Susan Mangigian advised me its better to check in and keep some momentum going than only blog when you have something profound to write about... I thought about it and realized shes right! Isn't that what " Seinfield" was about? Nothing really! just ev...
 If you're anything like me you are always looking for stories to get inspired from. Great people that overcome great obstacles to achieve levels of success not only monetarily but in life in general. Well this story is about a personal friend that migrated to the USA with his family in 1978 from...
Hello my friends! Let's say that I was one of those people that needed a little "push" from a friend to join activerain! And lets say that I was also someone that once I joined needed a little bit of good orderly direction from friends (thanks Susan Mangigian!) to realize the value in AR! Now let...
I get into this mindset where if I don't have some great event, insight or accomplishment I don't feel like sharing or blogging! I think that real people only want to hear about great achievements or knowledge! Who wants to be bothered with some loser complaining about a missed opportunity or a c...
I just wanted to take this opportunity to say how much I appreciate all my friends! Even the ones that I haven't met yet! This site has connected me with people that have taken the time to help me without any financial gain or reward! I was introduced to this site at the Tripleplay Realtor Conve...
I believe there is a harmony to life that keeps me in sync and I think might help you. The sync works like this: I could work productively 12 hours a day, close 3 deals and get featured on the front page of the Wall Street Journal but if one element of my mind, body or soul is out of whack I am n...
Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that 2009 was a total loss! Not by a long shot. I am saying that the further we get away from the bottom of this interesting thing we call the economic cycle the better off we will all be! Coming out of a year where record foreclosures, unemployment, banker'...

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