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Though I will not name the hotel, there is hotel west of town on 21 that a client stayed (for 1 night out of 2) while looking for a home and she got attacked by BED BUGS! The poor lady was awoke around 1am and realized she was covered with them, horrified, she jumped in the shower and got cleaned...
This post about distressed properties was the best I've seen! I wanted to pass it on for everyone.                                                                                                                                                    Are you considering buying a foreclosed property? W...
With all the to do about the stimulus, the credit crisis, the bailouts, etc....I decided to focus solely on LEAD GENERATION and not let the "bad things" weigh me down(3 hours every day!). I stopped focusing on the what if's and buckeled down on what was most important in a buyers market, that bei...
Please tell me spring has sprung, it is gorgeous outside! Hopefully we will keep it in the 70's for a month!!
There are a few items I want to cover to help BUYERS understand more FORECLOSURES and SHORT SALES. The last 5 buyer contracts I have written recently have been one of the two. Not every situation is suited for a buyer to purchase a distressed property and I want to cover a few items.             ...
This is truly great news for our men and women in uniform and I feel it's my duty to pass it on to everyone I can. If you have represented a military family, please pass it on to them! The financial strain affecting so many military families required to move in a bad housing market may soon be al...
As a Realtor that has done transactions in Bluffton and Beaufort areas in recent weeks and years and a member of both MLS associations covering the two areas, I want to shed some light on how the MLS system works and how the two geographic locations vary, Basically, there are two MLS associations...
Just when I thought spring has sprung, it's going to be 27 in the morning. So, good thing I didn't put my coat up and DARN good thing I didn't de-winterize the boat!! The only thing I'll be happy about tomorrow is submitting a new sale to the closing attorney! It was a great weekend, the weather ...
As I drove down my road today, the reality of the home selling situation has hit home, literally. There were 6 out of 20 homes between mine and the stop sign at the end of the block. I thought to myself home many of those homes were owned by military folks transferring out and how many weren't, I...

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