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Most people would do just about anything to avoid having to remove wallpaper. It's rarely a task that makes it to the top 10 "fun things to do" list.But let's face it, when wallpaper needs to be removed, it's got to go. What are some ways to make sure that removing that dated wallpaper doesn't ta...
If you plan on buying a home, you probably have already lined up how much you need for the down payment, your desired mortgage payment, along with how much you can afford based on your income.But have you thought about how much money you need to actually enjoy your new home once you move in? Here...
This is the moment you've worked for. It's time to close the deal on your new home. The home you've been wanting is almost yours, and the keys are nearly in your hands.As you cross the finish line, what are some things to consider?What Does "Closing" Mean?Closing simply means that you sign the fi...
Owning a home is an investment that, as we all know, will need repairs and improvements as the years go by. Many people prepare for the mortgage payment and other costs, but sudden repairs can catch anyone off guard. In fact, around 31% of homeowners don't set aside enough for home repairs.What a...
Holiday shopping in Beaufort may be fun, but it can sure work up an appetite. But don't worry, there's no shortage of tantalizing food to enhance your shopping excursions in Beaufort. Here's a few choice restaurants to enhance your holiday in Beaufort.Wren BistroThis hip neighborhood bistro is th...
In today’s hot real estate market in Beaufort County, bidding wars are more common. This also means that more people are buying with cash and looking for a good deal.Cash offers are more tempting for sellers, since it may make for a faster closing. Yet, cash offers don't always guarantee a sale. ...
It's harder to sell a house that smells like dogs or looks like pets have lived in them.How can you keep your house free of the smells from pets before you put it on the market?Steam Clean Everything FabricThe first thing you need to do is take care of all the soft surfaces in the house. They hol...
Home trends can be fleeting, here one minute, then gone the next. What about smart technology? Smart technology adds functionality and value to a home, so it should be a trend that sticks. Here's a few smart home products that can make your home not only more safe, but convenient.Video DoorbellWi...
Does it make a difference what time of year you remodel your home? In reality, the right time to remodel is when you're ready.Yet some times are better for different phases of a remodel, and can make a difference in costs. Here are a few guidelines to help keep your remodel on target to get the m...
Your home office is an important place. It's where you might run a business, telecommute, or manage your household affairs. As such, you need more than just a metal desk and chair stuck in the corner. Your office should be a place where you want to spend time burning the midnight oil. Here's a fe...

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