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Moving is never an easy experience, and that especially goes for your bank account. Moving expenses can stack up in no time. But there are ways to shave off quite a bit of money from your move. Here's a few ways you can save some money the next time you move.1. Timing Your MoveThe time of year or...
Mold. A dreaded word. Especially when your talking about your home. Mold can grow on anything and anywhere and you can never get rid of the spores completely. Mold can also cause health problems and allergies. Here a some tips on keeping it at bay.Keep Things DryMoisture is an invitation. Things ...
Fall is literally on your front doorstep, and it's time to make sure your home is ready for the coming seasons. Fall is the best time to check for areas of your home that may need minor maintenance. There may be spots that need caulking, cleaning gutters, checking the roof for missing shingles, a...
Owning a home is the goal of most people in America. If that's your goal, no doubt you will need to finance that purchase with a home mortgage. What are the steps you need to take to get a mortgage that's right for you?1. Find the Right HomeThere are a lot of factors to consider when you begin yo...
It's no secret that Beaufort has been rated so highly as one of the best places to live in America.  One of the main reasons for that distinction are the natural and historic attractions that fill the area. You'll never run out of natural places to enjoy and explore, along with history to be disc...
Most people think about how they can improve their home's value when it comes time to sell it. They usually want the most profit possible, that's why they turn to making home improvements that will increase the value of their home.Most people think you can add just about any kind of improvement a...
Here's the scenario: the day before you close on your home, you're scammed into wiring your down payment to an offshore account. The money is gone forever. You also lose the house. There's no way to get either back, and no justice can be carried out against the scammers.This is a new variation on...
When you decide where to move, knowing how much the price of living will be in that location is important.  And we usually hear reports from friends or relatives about how much it costs to live here or there. But is there a way to really pin down is a particular location is more or less expensive...
If you have a garden, it's time to take advantage of the fall months to get it ready to weather the winter season. Here's a list of items that will help your garden thrive this winter.Give Your Lawn AttentionNow is the time to head off next spring's weeds by thickening up the lawn now. You can pr...
Temperatures in Beaufort County during the summer can get quite warm. As such, if you live in Beaufort County or are thinking of buying a home here, you'll no doubt want a home with air conditioning. Of course, the beautiful beaches of Beaufort are the perfect places to cool off. But you still no...

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