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I received a phone call this past Friday from a frantic client. On a short sale that was approved ten days ago by the bank, she received a letter from a law firm stating that her foreclosure sale was to take place on October 5th. She was apoplectic because we had a letter from the bank approving ...
    Contracts matter. It seems like such a needless statement of the starkly obvious. But contracts are a legal agreement that basically states, in writing, how parties are going to behave and operate during the course of a transaction.  I just had some buyers back out of a contract. They did th...
PNC  Bank has come back on a short sale. They hold the 2nd trust for my client. On this particular sale, the 1st trust will be paid in full. This is the first time that I have been involved in a short sale where a note actually gets paid in full. PNC's note is for $195K. I have a contract on the ...
There is so much conflicting information about the housing market these days. We've been hearing for months now that foreclosures are starting to level off, and the housing market is stabilizing. Then information such as in this article from DSNews comes out: http://www.dsnews.com/articles/lps-r...
I am not very smart! I signed up for AR 2 months ago at their special rate of $1.00/month only to disappear for the next two months. The reason is that I had to blow up my previous business models based on some information put out by the NAR. The information has to do with how people are now sear...
Let's face it. The only time we pay any attention to the title attorney is when something goes wrong. I mean, how hard is it to put numbers in the correct spot on the HUD-1? I am starting to ramp up my number of short sale listings, and I have come to appreciate my title attorney as an integral p...
Developing an exit strategy when you no longer can afford your mortgage is extremely important to your long term financial well being. This decision is made all the more difficult when you factor in the feelings of shame and failure which accompany the loss of your home. The most important reason...

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