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Does your home have CCTF?  CCTF stands for Color, Continuity, Theme and Flow.  These are the four basic concepts that an APSD certified home staging professional like myself has to understand to properly stage homes and create memorable scenes.  Understanding these four basic concepts can get a h...
Most of you that have seen my previous two blogs on origami towel folding know that I love creating towel desgins and I use them in my home staging projects as signature props.  I want to share how I used one of my creations in an actual home staging project.  I love staging areas that most folks...
Are you adding that element of surprise or that something unexpected to your home staging?  If not you should.  By adding that element of surprise a home will stand out and be memorable to potential buyers.  When buyers go out to search for homes they see so many in a day that if there were no ho...
Make sure you hire the right home stager to properly stage your house.  Home staging is not just decorating or "fluffing" a home or just making it look pretty.  Home staging is the art of selling a home faster.  In doing so the right home stager should be setting a scene throughout a home for jus...
Are you marketing your home properly?  1) Are you getting more traffic then you can handle to your property? 2) Did your open house yield several offers?  If you answered no to either of these two questions it is time to switch marketing strategies.  Properly marketing your property in combinatio...
I had to share some of the great deals I get by shopping at flea markets and thrift stores.  Home stagers have to really fork out alot of money for accessories, furnishings, linens, lamps, etc.  In order to keep my costs down but still have quality items I shop for things in the thrift store or f...
If you ever been on a cruise ship or in an upscale hotel you have probably encountered Origami Towel Folding.  Most people have probably seen different animal shapes with the most common being the swan shaped origami towel.  Origami (o-ri-GA-me) is the Japanese art of paperfolding.  However, orig...

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