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FHA Mortgage Wholesale FHA Mortgage Underwriter September 22-23 Here's a FHA Mortgage Training Course that fits in everyone's budget! This course is taught by a Wholesale FHA Underwriter!                                                CLICK HERE TO REGISTER NOW Spring into FHA with ...
Tips from the course: Underwriting Sense....into the mind of an Underwriter WHAT'S wrong with MY Internet printout!!!! The Internet is slowly but surely eliminating the need for paper.  While this is a good thing for the environment it is a....difficult transition for organizations that have to v...
Alpha Mortgage Training is a NMLS-approved mortgage education provider! Atlanta, Ga , August 6, 2009: Alpha Mortgage Training (Provider ID:1400100) is officially approved as a mortgage education provider through the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System (NMLS). We will keep you updated with upcomi...
Mortgage Training: Tips from the course: Underwriting Sense....into the mind of an Underwriter WHY do you NEED the tax bill and hazard insurance dec page? Here's a question we get often! I have had to go to bat with Brokers, Processors and Account Executives regarding this condition!  We don't as...
Mortgage Training: Tips from the course: Underwriting Sense....into the mind of an Underwriter One 1003 Please!!!  I'm going to be completely honest with you:  Ask The Underwriter: D. Bass has actually denied a loan due to multiple 1003s.  Before you click unsubscribe...hear me out!  The loan had...
Mortgage Training from Alpha Mortgage Training     Here are the upcoming Live On-line Training Events for August:   FHA JUMP START August 18th-19th (Taught by a FHA Underwriter) When just one mistake in your FHA loan file could cost you weeks in underwriting and thousands of lost dollars a month...
HABIT TWO: Be Courteous                           Have you ever done business with someone that was rude?  Have you ever asked a sales associate at a store a question and you felt like you were bothering them? Do you have a co-worker that's rude to their fellow co-workers and clients? People work...
7 Habits of a Productive Mortgage Professional HABIT ONE: Knowledgeable                         As a Mortgage Professional we must be knowledgeable about the mortgage process, answer the borrower's questions (honestly and without them asking: EXPLAIN THE NEXT STEPS. I'm not just writing this beca...
Continuing Education in Maine The following courses have been approved for Continuing Education by the Bureau of Consumer Credit Protection (Maine): FHA Jump Start     (7 hours) Sub-Prime Make Over(8 hours) Mortgage Fraud 101   (1 hour) We will be posting 2009 First Quarter Schedule on the websit...
The Good Faith Estimate has taken a change (for the better!)  This new standardized Good Faith Estimate will be required starting January 2010.  You can read more at:   Live FHA Training available in various states.  We also offer instruct...

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