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Just wanted everyone, local, to know that one of the premier photographers is flying in to the area to shoot fall color.  Using the latest high-technology HDR equipment she'll be shooting real estate as well as wildlife in the northwoods starting October 2nd through the 9th.   If you, or anyone y...
  Mark Geis   “I am available to assist you in purchasing a foreclosure property or another property best suited to your needs. Buying or selling, I am here to act as your local real estate specialist.” Phone: 715-891-5832 Email: License #: 75128-94 September 2011 Volume 5, Issu...
I don't think anyone disagrees that the housing market has a significant impact on the economy.  There is probably even less disagreement that the housing market is one of supply and demand.  If the government owns hundreds of thousands of foreclosed and distressed homes, and every day these home...
Seems the President's rant this morning was nothing more than a campaign speech as I don't think anyone in Congress is ignorant enough to allow the damage of this plan to go forward.  The President is back to his class-baiting division techniques in an effort to conquer the election.  Pitting opp...
I got a good laugh out of the end of the world party a few weeks ago but I’m getting a bigger laugh at the recent “end of the world” coverage in regards to the slanted Case-Schiller housing study we read of yesterday. If I wasn’t a firm believer in journalistic malpractice I’d be amazed at the me...
Jobs are hard to come by in this country due to the absolute fear in the marketplace.  One fear that has never received it's fare share is that of President Obama's National Labor Relations Board and it's war against Boeing and their desire to open a plant in North Charleston.   One would think ...
The Wall Street Journal had the journalistic intgerity to write two articles in regards to the Real Estate market in resort areas, like Eagle River, Wisconsin, this year.   Rather than write captivating news stories designed to invoke fear in the hearts of man, and thus gain readership, they actu...

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