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As I was watching CNBC this morning, Charles Biderman was discussing how stock prices have gone up dramatically while wage growth has only gone up 3% a year. That got me to thinking that if real estate prices are rising 15-20% in some areas, an wages are only rising 3%, we are going to have an is...
In my area of Ukiah, CA. which is in Mendocino County, CA. (Northern California) we are finding that buyer activity has slowed. What does it mean? That is the question that was being discussed today at a meeting of the local realtor chapter. I have given some thought to this and perhaps it's noth...
Co-Branding with a real estate agent is a good way to generate leads and solidify a referral relationship.  I am sharing the cost of advertising on a web site in Ukiah, CA. http://yourmendorealty.com/mortgage-pre-qualification/ and so far the realtor has generated a few leads or enough interest t...
I do wonder if the Hype about Social Media is way overblown? I post to all the usual outlets but question whether it is a waste of time or if someday I might actually get somebody who says to me "found you on Google + or Facebook!" I am easily found if somebody types in certain key words but I th...
In Ukiah, CA. You Need To Be Pre-Approved For A Loan To Buy A Home When shopping for a loan in Ukiah, CA, it is important that you have been Pre-Approved for a mortgage loan. The market is very competetive and if you havent been Pre-Approved your offer will no doubt NOT be accepted by the seller....
In my marketing area, Ukiah, CA. or Mendocino County, business seems to have slowed a bit this summer. Maybe its just that time of year as it was the same last summer. Or, are the markets getting to the point where the price appreciation has made it more difficult for the buyers to qualify? Or pe...
Are low interest rates setting up the real estate market for a future slow down of sales? What will happen when rates are in the 5% range after the appreciation of real estate prices over the last few years? Are we pricing out the "move up buyer"? The borrowers that have ratess in the 3's are goi...
A reminder to everyone that not every borrower gets the same rates. On a conventional loan, if you have a credit score of 640 there is a cost for this. The LLPA depends on the loan to value. I am doing a loan now and this borrower who is doing a cash out refinance loan is going to pay an extra .2...

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