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Spring is almost here and it is one of the busiest times of the year in the real estate markets. As a potential home buyer, one of the first questions a good real estate agent will ask you is:"have you met with a lender? AND, what have you been pre-qualfied to purchase?" Showing property you cann...
If you look at the chart below, you will notice that rents continue to rise and isnt any reason this will stop!What can you do to lock in  your housing cost? Become a home owner ! In many markets it has been cheaper to actually purchase a home than to rent a home. With home values continuing to r...
Looking for a down payment assistance program that gives free money? The Golden State Finance Agency offers grants (it does not have to be paid back) for use for down payment. Grant amounts can range from 3%-5% of the sales price of the loan and interest rate will depend on the grant amount plus ...
It's hard to be a rock star real estate agent or mortgage originator, if one is not taking care of themselves. This means, at least to me, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. If any of these are out of balance, then i find it very hard to focus 100% on the business in front of me. ...
The Existing Home Sales report that came out last Friday, showed an increase over the previous month. Some think this is becuase of TRID delay in the closing of transactions. I wonder that that report would be if every buyer i have in my database could actually find a home and buy it? Becauase of...
I was listening this morning to one of the financial channels on TV and some real estate guru was talking about markets that have been appreciating to such a degree that they may be reaching a "bubble"! This got me to thinking about #Ukiah, California, and the surounding areas of #Willits, Califo...
This month of December has been an active month and many buyers are not slowing down their hunt for a new home even though its the holiday season! Great news for all of us in the real estate and mortgage lending industry. Though 2015 was an adequate year, i think 2016 could be a "block buster" ye...
With all of the baby boomers getting older, how many are aware they can use a reverse mortgage loan to pay off their existing real estate loan and have no monthly payments? Or, how about downsizing to a smaller home, take your existing equity and invest it with a wealth manager and have no paymen...
This time of the year with the holidays, parties, families, shopping, etc. it is really easy to start to coast into 2016. The problem with this is that January and February end up being a slow income month and can destroy your income goals for the entire year. There are many buyers and sellers ou...
Thanksgiving 2015 is approaching,  and i am noticing that there is steady buyer activity.  I find this interesting since we are approaching the holiday time of the year where things are busy but most of that busyness is getting existing contracts closed!What I am seeing is plenty of buyers willin...

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