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"Never give your power away to an event that has not yet occurred", are words i read this morning. What does this mean? For somebody who has experienced call reluctance when prospecting for new leads, it means that we let our thinking of the past, dicate to us the events of that moment. Why do i ...
Is your lender a part of your team? Do you think of your lender as somebody who adds value to you? Have you sat down with your lender and discussed how you both can benefit from this partnership? I believe as a lender, i do more than just close the loan. I should be actively engaged with my realt...
Though i know its only September, it is time to start thinking about how your year is coming along and will you hit your goals? Better than 2013 or not so much? What will you do differently next year? I have been comtemplating this over the last few weeks and sharing my thoughts  with a few refer...
Last week I had the pleasure of listening to Hal Elrod writer of the book "The Miracle Morning". I am very familiar with "self help" books and recovery programs, but this reading is still a must for all of us who would like to get more focus on our life and business plan.  Taking time for ourselv...
USDA Rural Development financing will get more expensive on October 1, 2014 when the annual fee will increase from .40 to .50. This is not a big increase, but USDA financing has tightened up over the last year, and this will just make it that more difficult to qualify. If anyone has figured out o...
If the fed's don't buy mortgages...and FNMA is liquidated.... anyone giving any thought to what happens if our government decides to really liquidate FNMA and FHLMC? Who is going to be the buyer of all of these real estate loans? Just a reminder, that over the last few years,  that the primary bu...
As I was watching CNBC this morning, Charles Biderman was discussing how stock prices have gone up dramatically while wage growth has only gone up 3% a year. That got me to thinking that if real estate prices are rising 15-20% in some areas, an wages are only rising 3%, we are going to have an is...
In my area of Ukiah, CA. which is in Mendocino County, CA. (Northern California) we are finding that buyer activity has slowed. What does it mean? That is the question that was being discussed today at a meeting of the local realtor chapter. I have given some thought to this and perhaps it's noth...
Co-Branding with a real estate agent is a good way to generate leads and solidify a referral relationship.  I am sharing the cost of advertising on a web site in Ukiah, CA. http://yourmendorealty.com/mortgage-pre-qualification/ and so far the realtor has generated a few leads or enough interest t...
I do wonder if the Hype about Social Media is way overblown? I post to all the usual outlets but question whether it is a waste of time or if someday I might actually get somebody who says to me "found you on Google + or Facebook!" I am easily found if somebody types in certain key words but I th...

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