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In Ukiah, CA. You Need To Be Pre-Approved For A Loan To Buy A Home When shopping for a loan in Ukiah, CA, it is important that you have been Pre-Approved for a mortgage loan. The market is very competetive and if you havent been Pre-Approved your offer will no doubt NOT be accepted by the seller....
In my marketing area, Ukiah, CA. or Mendocino County, business seems to have slowed a bit this summer. Maybe its just that time of year as it was the same last summer. Or, are the markets getting to the point where the price appreciation has made it more difficult for the buyers to qualify? Or pe...
Are low interest rates setting up the real estate market for a future slow down of sales? What will happen when rates are in the 5% range after the appreciation of real estate prices over the last few years? Are we pricing out the "move up buyer"? The borrowers that have ratess in the 3's are goi...
A reminder to everyone that not every borrower gets the same rates. On a conventional loan, if you have a credit score of 640 there is a cost for this. The LLPA depends on the loan to value. I am doing a loan now and this borrower who is doing a cash out refinance loan is going to pay an extra .2...
Late last week, H.U.D.  unveiled a new set of guidelines under the FHA loan program for  borrowers adversely impacted by economic downturn of the last five years. The "Back To Work" program is geared towards borrowers who can substantiate that,  their inability to make their  mortgage payments, ...
Then number of home sales in California for the month of July,  surged 17% over June with 48,000+ existing homes changing hands. The July sales figure were the highest for any July since 66,929 homes sold in July 2005! The median price paid for a home in California in July was $363,000, 3.1 perc...
Interesting statistics put out by C.A.R. (California Association of Realtors) yeterday about home affordability. With the rising prices of real estate we have hit a five year low! I have seen that in my market area of #Ukiah, #Willits and #Mendocino County, that many people are already priced ou...
According to a survye of 100+ real estate experts, economist, etc., done by Pulsenomics,  real estate price appreciation will be 6.7% for 2013. Thereafter, appreciation levels will be at more of a subdued 4.7%. They are also expecting that cumulative appreciation will be 23.7% by year end 2017. ...
This morning a new report indicated that new home sales are up 14%. The key word there is "new". Could the new home sales be taking away the home buyer from the existing home sales? In the market area's i service which is #Ukiah and #Willits in #Mendocino county, #CA. this summers sales seem to b...
Great to hear that delinquent loans fell to a five year low in the second quarter of 2013 (reported by the Mortgage Bankers Association). However, FHA loans increased. Why is this a big deal? The US Government doesnt want to be in an insurer of conventional loans as mentioned this week with the p...

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