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Prospective homeowners, today more than ever, are more educated on the home buying process.  They know which houses they want to see, they know pricing, location and some history on the house.  The Rockland Journal News recently launched a new website to even further the homebuyers education. All...
If you look at your homeowners insurance policy, you may see that your contents coverage, all your personal belongings, are covered for approximately 70-75 percent of your dwelling limits.  While 150,000 may be plenty, most people fail to realize there is a cap on jewelry.  Jewelry is usually cap...
Most For Sale By Owners think that since they are not using a broker to sell their home, they are not subject to the fair housing laws.  This is not the case.  Anyone and everyone involved in a real estate transaction must obey fair housing laws.  This prevents discrimination based on:racereligio...
Insurance companies like to stay up to date with your current situation.  If you are a Real Estate broker and routinely drive clients to see houses, you should contact your auto insurance company.  Advise them of your profession and the increased possible liability.  There is a business rating av...
i work closely with a Project Manager for an Environmental Engineering company.  I was amazed to hear about a job his company has currently undertaken.  A homeowner in the village of Montebello would like to add an addition to their home.  Sounds simple enough right? Wrong.The proposed site has a...

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