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All encompassing blog, real estate both commercial and residential buyers, sellers and leases, current events, entertainment, film industry, Realtor Association info, personal impressions, great restaurants, travel and entertainment, foodie favorites. I love Massachusetts but cover the Globe. Covering current topics of major economic concern including Short Sales, HUD HOMES, Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac, HAFA program, Auctions, Foreclosures, Bankruptcy, Bank Owned Properties. Loan Modification Direction.



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Here I sit getting my day together but my mind is racing towards getting my head around the fact that it is the eve of 2010.  I have always thought we would be wearing spacesuits in 2010 and carrying little communicators around...oh wait maybe we don't have the space suits but we are all certainl...
Three years ago we would never have thought that so much time and effort and energies would go into the Distressed Property Arena.  No one had a crystal ball to see what bedlam would ensue in the United States of America, the home of the American Dream, HOMEOWNERSHIP. Processing all of the paperw...
What may be instore for 2010 in Massachusetts? Well we are starting the year off with the ability to obtain a TAXCREDIT for first time homebuyers and existing homeowners too.  $8000 is available in the form of a tax credit, this is a tax credit, for example if you did not owe any tax then you wil...

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