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All encompassing blog, real estate both commercial and residential buyers, sellers and leases, current events, entertainment, film industry, Realtor Association info, personal impressions, great restaurants, travel and entertainment, foodie favorites. I love Massachusetts but cover the Globe. Covering current topics of major economic concern including Short Sales, HUD HOMES, Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac, HAFA program, Auctions, Foreclosures, Bankruptcy, Bank Owned Properties. Loan Modification Direction.



Watching the national news programs this morning which highlighted Martin Luther King's Legacy moved me so.  Ah, it is history now but I was a young child when that all happened. Yet it seems like it must have been a different country, not the United States of America where anyone  can become any...
AS with anything with great reward there is great risk.  In a short sale the major risk is TIME.  Unfortunately too many home owners who are experiencing financial trouble wait too long to discuss their situation with a knowledgeable experienced professional and their lender. We encourage our Cus...
Another beautiful day in New England, but unfortunately there is still a cold chill of short sales and foreclosures in the air.   Today I will be holding an open house in Whitman at a lovely 1890"s Victorian home.  Originally it was most likely built to accomodate a Manager or Supervisor at the m...
I started the New Year wondering what was up with my blackberry - the rolling ball which is really the primary piece of this device (oh I am sure there is just  incredible technology behind it but this is what I could see and touch as basic as that may seem) would only go side to side and not up ...
Many times when I am marketing a property the home owner will ask me how we will attract the RELOCATION CLIENT, like the people coming clear across the country.  The National Association of Realtors statistics have stayed pretty consistent,  I believe 10 years ago the stats were only about a mile...
Well as 2009 pulled out of the station enroute to the new decade, a feeling of either contentment, alliance or just that feeling of looking for better seemed to be bright just like the holiday lights when I spoke to people.  Some of these meetings were with people who the economy has not been ver...
Effective the first of this year a number of good consumer protective measures regarding the Mortgage process have been initiated.  Many times a Buyer who has acted in good faith during the transaction get to the closing table only to find out that there are additional closing costs or that their...
Plymouth, Massachusetts, where it all began, values the visitors to their town by offering FREE PARKING AT METERED SPACES AND PUBLIC PARKING LOTS until March 31, 2009.  Parking rates are usually fifty cents per hour at the metered spots and public parking lots  but the fees will be waived until M...
The average Pembroke single family home is valued at $331,200 down from the fiscal year 2009 average single family home value of $363,800, a decrease  in value of $32,600.   What does this translate to?  Well although the average value has decreased from fiscal year 2009 to fiscal year 2010 the t...
In the office, Saturday, a snowy afternoon in New England.  The South Shore looks beautiful as the light dusting of snow continues - of course there is already tons of snow underfoot!  Weather conditions used to signal for what to expect from Buyer Conditions but not today.  I have been out showi...

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